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Consultants Briefing Package On The Family and Community Component of IMCI WHO/AFRO.

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1 Consultants Briefing Package On The Family and Community Component of IMCI WHO/AFRO

2 Purpose of the Briefing Package To be used as a reference framework to plan and implement the household and community component of IMCI at the National and District level

3 Content Introduction Chapter one Chapter two Chapter three Annexes Glossary

4 Introduction Components of IMCI Definition of the Community Component of IMCI Goal of C-IMCI Summary of Key Practices Guiding Principles Operational framework for the implementation of C-IMCI

5 Chapter I : Orientation on the Briefing Package Why a Briefing Package Who will use the Briefing Package Roles and Responsibilities of the facilitators/consultants Profile of the facilitator/consultant Directions for use of the Briefing Package

6 Chapter II : Development of the strategy Elements of of the strategy Organization and management Sustainability Scaling-up

7 Chapter III : Planning Process for C-IMCI At the national level At the intermediary level At the district level At the community level

8 Annexes and Glossary Annex A : Guiding questions to initiate C-IMCI; Annex B : Guiding questions for the Situation Analysis; Annex C : Information to collect during Community Diagnosis; Annex D : Examples of materials for the development of participatory programs; Annex E : List of Key Practices to be promoted; Annex F : Monitoring/Evaluation indicators for C-IMCI; Glossary : Definition of terms used in the Briefing Package

9 Process followed in finalizing the package Pre-test Cotonou, Benin 18-22 February 18 Participants from Benin, Mali, Niger, Senegal Results : Easy to comprehend and follow Applicable/acceptable to countries Recommendations

10 Process to finalize the BP (cont) Field-test Francophone: Dakar, Senegal (20-24 May 2002) – 22 participants from 6 countries Anglophone: Harare, Zimbabwe (17-21 June 2002) - 20 participants from 10 countries Results: - Positive response - Fulfils a real and perceived need of countries - exercises needing considerable revision -needs more content (criteria for prioritization, tool to organize situation analysis data, bridging information to decision, frequently asked questions, add copies of recommended tools with their description..)

11 Recommendation Revision of the materials according to the field-test results Change name from Consultants Briefing Package to C-IMCI Planning Guide

12 Next Step Finalization of the Briefing Package - 2-11 October 2002 in Harare, Zimbabwe ( WHO, UNICEF, BASICS) - Simultaneous translation into French A training to be held before the end of the year/at the beginning of Q1/ 2003 using the finalized material

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