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Mandates of Statutory Services and Case Management

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1 Mandates of Statutory Services and Case Management
South East Europe Consultation “Reform of the Child Care System: Taking Stock and Accelerating Action” Working Group 1 “Organisation of Statutory Services at the Sub-national level” Vladan Jovanovic Social Innovation Fund, Serbia, Belgrade

2 Content of Presentation
Statutory services functions are mandated by Family Law, Social Assistance Law and the Criminal Law Divorce Procedure – How it Works in Serbia? How to adopt the “Case Management” approach as good practice in all three regulatory regimes? What are the challenges?

3 Statutory Services “Lets speaking the same language!”

4 What are the Statutory (Social Work) Services?
“A specialized field of social work aimed at improving the social functioning of individuals, families and communities by applying administrative procedures prescribed by written law of a legislative body” The New Dictionary of Social Work, Terminology Committee for Social Work, 1995

5 Statutory process Statutory social work service involve statutory process in which an individual has become involved in some form of court case / administrative procedure Placement in alternative care on the basis of committal order Family going through divorce Anyone “in trouble with law” (young offender) Survivor of criminal act against them

6 On other side… … we have to differentiate this services/process from
Prevention Early intervention Continuum of care Developmental service

7 Criteria eligible to define…
… some service as a Statutory Service Established by Law As a right (Aspect of Human Right) As a measure for protection someone’s right or personal interest based on right As a measure of someone’s social protection Ensured/Provided by “State Entity” Court State Agency Ensured/Provided through formal procedure Court procedure (civic procedure, criminal procedure) Administrative procedure

8 Really, What are the Statutory Services?
Statutory Services Established by Law as a Right, e.g. Right on Cash Benefit - as a State’s response on poverty (Law on Social Assistance) Right on Family Benefit Right on Maternity Benefit … established by Law as a measure of protection, e.g. Placement in social institution Foster care Adoption Guardianship

9 Example of Statutory Service: Divorce Procedure – How it Works in Serbia?

10 Who is in Charge? Court has mandate to decide in matters as following
Divorce Child custody Sole child custody Joint child custody Visitation Alimony / Child support Financial / Property issues

11 So, Who is in Charge? Meanwhile, CSW has mandate on
Reconciliation Make an assessment and proposals regarding Custody Visitation Child support CSW has obligation to Define and propose to the court, what is the best interest of child CSW can also carry out Family Mediation Process, and Forward Mediation Agreement to the Court on approval

12 Case management

13 Case Management… … as a approach in social work that include activities of Needs assessment of client/service user Arrangement of client’s/service user’s access to direct appropriate services Coordination of resources need to be involved in above mentioned activities Evaluation of service impact on client/service user

14 What the Case Management enable?
Using an adequate human resources From “the house” From other stakeholders / organizations Using/implementing appropriate methods indicated by client’s/service user’s needs, as well as service purpose Time management / Time-saving

15 How to adopt the Case Management approach as good practice?
Case Management can be adopted as a method in practice if It’s regulated It’s standardized as a method Professionals are trained on Case management Agencies are organized on appropriate way Inter-agencies cooperation is settled

16 Challenges

17 What are the challenges? (I)
Challenges on a system level Laws Inter-ministry cooperation Cooperation on the local level / between agencies Who should be authorized in planning development of services coordination

18 What are the challenges? (II)
Challenges regarding Ethics Standardization Regulatory mechanisms Inspection Supervision Licensing Accreditation

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