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Partnership for Urban South Hampshire Sustainable Growth.

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1 Partnership for Urban South Hampshire Sustainable Growth

2 PUSH Sustainability Group Representatives of 11 PUSH authorities Environment Agency the Environment Centre Solent Centre for Architecture + Design Reports to the Members Panel for Planning and Sustainability

3 PUSH Strategy Economy led Housing targets aligned to economic targets Delivery dependent on appropriate infrastructure being funded Consideration of environmental impact, mitigation and adaptation to climate change

4 Policy SH 14 - Principles Excellence of design Protection of environmental quality Sensitive design of urban/rural interfaces Stabilisation and reduction of resource use Self-sufficiency in waste handling Joint decision making Common environmental standards

5 Work to Date Common policy approaches GROW Interreg program Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Greenspace Strategy Energy Infrastructure Study Materials and Resources Procurement

6 Flooding Study underway Sequential testing and spatial distribution Sea level rise issues Urban drainage issues

7 Water Integrated Water Management Study Abstraction and supply Water quality Management of waste water Biodiversity Flood risk management

8 Energy Goal is reduction in carbon emissions Target of 100MW of renewable energy Energy efficiency key consideration Study of infrastructure options Focus on renewable and low carbon solutions

9 Resource Management and Waste Minimising waste Construction agenda Waste to energy potential Joint decision making on infrastructure issues

10 Recommendations Ensure all Councils commit to climate change as a priority –Cross boundary approach needed –Make best use of Multi Area Agreements Ensure effective partnerships with the business community –Recognising the importance of economic growth to South Hampshire

11 Recommendations Ensure reduction in County’s carbon footprint – live / work / travel opportunities –Spatial and transport planning –Waste management and use of resources –Smart investment in strategic infrastructure Visible action with key partners on adaptation to climate change –Effective collaboration on Sustainable Community Strategy

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