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Introduction to Software

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1 Introduction to Software
Photos: © 2010

2 This lesson will cover:
What is meant by software. The differences between the types of software available. The main types of application software, and the appropriate uses of application software.

3 What examples can you think of?
Introduction What is software? Teacher’s note: An explanation appears on the following slide. Examples could include: Anti-virus software Firewalls DTP Word processing software Database software Photo editing software Logo Visual Basic. Photo: © Vicente Barcelo Varona, What examples can you think of?

4 Software Software refers to the set of programming commands which work with the computer’s hardware. These commands run all the applications which make computers so useful. Programmers write code to make software packages. These can be downloaded from the supplier’s website or installed from a CD or DVD onto a computer’s hard drive. The programs are written in special languages which interact with the computer’s processors and operating systems. Photo: © 2010

5 Types of software Photos: operating system © 2010; utilities software © Yong Hian,; programming software © Jurgen zieven,

6 Operating system When you switch on a computer, it loads its operating system. An operating system turns an assortment of electronic parts into a computer that we can use to do things. It acts as an interface (go between) between the different hardware devices and the user. Photo: © Henrik Lehnerer,

7 Application software Photos: Flowol screen shots by kind permission of Data Harvest: Keep IT Easy, KITE. Business diagram © andresr,; passport © 2010 Stock.xchng

8 Different types of application software

9 Choosing the right software
Teacher’s note: Word processing software would be best for essay writing, as it allows the user to edit the text in many different ways and is the standard format for formal written documents. DTP would be better than word processing software for creating a poster, as it allows the user to edit images more effectively and can be used to produce higher quality results. Presentation software would be most useful for Samantha, as she could create a slideshow comprising text and images to show the class. She could also add speaker’s notes to help her deliver the presentation. Spreadsheet software is best for making databases as it allows the user to add formulae to calculate data, and has a sort function. Web design software would be the most effective program for making a navigation banner, as it works with html data. Functional Skills: This presentation covers the following Functional Skills standard: Use ICT Systems Level – use ICT to effectively plan work; review the effectiveness of ICT tools to meet needs in order to inform future judgements. Why would each of these types of software be best?

10 Utilities software There is another group of software that does useful jobs, like checking for viruses. This is called utilities software. Some utilities, such as file management software, are usually delivered with the operating system. Image: © dakolix, Others, like firewalls and security software, come as separate packages.

11 Programming software

12 Summary

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