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Conifers 2 kinds of cones.

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1 Conifers 2 kinds of cones

2 Male vs. Female Cones Male Pollen cones Female Seed cones immature

3 Male Female immature

4 Mature Immature

5 “Naked” and “Covered”

6 Reproduction Scales Male cones produce male gametophytes called pollen grain Female cones (seed cone) produce female gametophytes called ovules (eggs) Embryo – same idea as zygote (egg+sperm)

7 In this example we are using a pine cone
Conifer Reproduction In this example we are using a pine cone seed coat Egg (n) Unfertilized ovule Female gametophyte (n)

8 Unfertilized ovule

9 Conifer Reproduction Female gametophyte (n) Micropyle
Fertilization initiates the transformation of the ovule into a seed Female gametophyte (n) Discharged sperm nucleus (n) Micropyle Male gametophyte (pollen grain) (n)

10 Conifer Reproduction Seed coat Food supply
Compared to a single-celled spore, a seed is much more resistant and complex Seed coat Food supply Embryo (2n) Inside the seed (new sporophyte)

11 Rise to the Angiosperms
Seed plants appeared ~360 mya with the rise of the Gymnosperms Flowering plants (Angiosperms) – the other surviving lineage – appeared ~200 million years later

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