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Knowledge & Comprehension Application & Analysis Synthesis & Evaluation Question Levels Click the circles to navigate.

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1 Knowledge & Comprehension Application & Analysis Synthesis & Evaluation Question Levels Click the circles to navigate

2 Knowledge & Comprehension Describe Explain Distinguish Interpret Retell Translate Define List Match Name Label Recall Find Activities Knowledge – Recall data, information and ideas in the form in which they were learned. Comprehension – Show understanding and interpret prior learning.

3 Define i)Write a definition of________________ ii)What does __________________ mean? Knowledge & Comprehension BACK

4 List i)List all the___________________ ii)Write a list of________________ Recall & Observation BACK

5 Match i)Which pictures match these definitions? ii)Match these causes with the effects Recall & Observation BACK

6 Name i)Name all the __________________ ii)What is the name of____________? Recall & Observation BACK

7 Label i)Label all the __________________ on this diagram ii)Where should this label point to? Recall & Observation BACK

8 Recall i)What colour was the _______________? ii)What is the name of the_____________? Recall & Observation BACK

9 Find i)Find all the _______in this sentence ii)Find 3 examples of ______ in this picture Recall & Observation BACK

10 Describe i)What are the features of __________? ii)How would you describe___________? Recall & Observation

11 Explain i)What did you see? ii)What happened? iii)Who? What? When? Why? How? BACK Recall & Observation

12 Interpret i)How would you interpret what happened? ii)What’s your view of this? BACK Recall & Observation

13 Retell i)Retell the paragraph in your own words? ii)Tell me the main points BACK Recall & Observation

14 Translate i)Give a real-world example of____________? ii)Restate ______________in your own words. BACK Recall & Observation

15 Application & Analysis Arrange Analyse Examine Categorise Compare/Contrast Predict Demonstrate Solve Calculate Show Activities Application – Interpret prior learning and can transfer selected information to a life problem or a new task. Analysis – Look at a topic or subject and then separate material into the component parts.

16 Compare/Contrast i)Compare _______ with the structure of____ ii)How does _______ contrast with/relate to________? Application & Analysis

17 Arrange i) Arrange these from most to least popular ii) Put these events in order of when they happened BACK Application & Analysis

18 Examine i)What evidence is there to show…? ii)What ideas support the fact that…? BACK Application & Analysis

19 Analyse i)What changes would you make? ii)What do you see as another possible outcome? Application & Analysis

20 Categorise i)Classify these in terms of_____________ ii)How is _______ similar to__________? Application & Analysis

21 Predict i)What do you think will happen next_________? ii)What do you think would happen if_________? BACK Application & Analysis

22 Distinguish i)What are the differences between_____? ii)Can you distinguish between__________? BACK Application & Analysis

23 Calculate i) What percentage_____________? ii)Calculate the number of ______________? BACK Application & Analysis

24 Demonstrate i)Show how this would work in___________ ii)Demonstrate how to___________ BACK Application & Analysis

25 Solve i)Solve the following___________ ii)If you had x and Y how would you solve this problem_________ BACK Application & Analysis

26 Show i)Show how you would work out the following___________ ii)If _________, show what the result would be BACK Application & Analysis

27 Synthesis & Evaluation Assess Argue Evaluate Rank Rate Explain Imagine Solve Improve Activities Synthesis – Combine parts of prior knowledge into a new product, plan, procedure or model. Evaluation – Assess, appraise and make judgements on the basis of standards and criteria.

28 Explain i)Can you explain what would happen if________ ii)What reasons would you give for___________ Synthesis & Evaluation

29 Plan i)Outline you plan for doing this ii)What would be the ideal first step? Synthesis & Evaluation

30 Improve i)Can you see any ways of making this even better? ii)What would you add to improve that? Synthesis & Evaluation

31 Imagine i)What would happen if________ ii)Put yourself in the position of_______. What would you have done? Synthesis & Evaluation

32 Solve i)How many ways can you____? ii)Can you see a possible solution to _____? iii)What would be your ideal way to deal with____? Synthesis & Evaluation

33 Argue i)What can you say in contrast to that? ii)What can you say to support your view? Synthesis & Evaluation

34 Evaluate i)In what ways do you think this is useful/beneficial? ii)Tell me why you think this is good/bad Synthesis & Evaluation

35 Assess i)How well do you feel this works as a solution? ii)Why do you think ________is so effective/famous/useful? Synthesis & Evaluation

36 Rank i)Put the ________ in order according to_____ ii)Rank the suggestions according to ________ Synthesis & Evaluation

37 Rate i)How does that rate in your experience? ii)How effective are ________? Synthesis & Evaluation

38 Recall & Observation Activities Make a list of the main events Make a timeline of events Draw pictures of everything you can remember Label the diagram Match the pictures with the definitions Make a mind map Make a facts chart Write a list of any pieces of information you can remember List all the.... in the story Make an acrostic Recite a poem Make a True or False game Write questions for your partner to answer Quick quiz Write a report

39 Comprehension & Application Activities Make a cartoon strip showing the sequence of events Write and perform a play based on the story Retell the story in your words Write a commercial to sell your idea Write a summary report of an event Prepare a flow chart to illustrate the sequence of events Make a colouring book Construct a model to demonstrate how it will work Make a scrapbook about the areas of study Make a treasure map to include relevant information about an event Take a collection of photographs to demonstrate a particular point Make up a puzzle game using the ideas from the study area

40 Reasoning, Problem Solving & Evaluation Activities Design a questionnaire to gather information. Conduct an investigation Write a TV show, play, puppet show or role play Write a biography of the study person Invent a machine to complete part of the process Design a record, book, or magazine cover Prepare a list of criteria to judge a... show. Indicate priority and ratings. Take part in a debate Make a booklet showing similarities and differences Design an advert to convince others Write a letter to... advising on changes needed at...

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