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Saundra King Director of Transitional Studies

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1 Saundra King Director of Transitional Studies
Chattanooga State Technical Community College

2 Why Redesign? Low student success rates and retention
No attention given to individual learning styles Pre-requisite skills not mastered before moving to new ones Students who do complete DSP math sequence do not perform as well in their first college level math class as those who place directly into college level math TBR initiative

3 Structure Traditional
Redesigned: Replacement Model 3 course sequence, placement based on ACT/COMPASS Lecture based with 1 teacher per 25 students Approximately 3,600 students enrolled during fall and spring semesters w/average class size of 25 Some instructors used software, but not mandated 3 course sequence, placement based on ACT/COMPASS with diagnostic 1st day of class 2 + 2 model - 2 hours lecture + 2 hours lab per week Large classroom with max 110 students Team taught by 3 instructors Module based utilizing MyMathLab

4 Cost Savings Anticipated cost savings of $28.00 per student.
Based on yearly enrollment of 3,546 in DSPM, total savings of $99, is expected. Increased class size = fewer sections = fewer instructors. Savings not calculated – realized when students do not have to repeat

5 Student Outcomes Improved learning through greater competency mastery.
Measurements: Success Rates Comparison between success rates in pilot and non-pilot sections Comparison between old and new data Comparison of success rates in college level math for DSP and non-DSP students

6 Process and Challenges
Spring 2008 Summer and Fall 2008 Redesigned classroom space – enlarged classroom to accommodate 50 students. Redesigned lab space – temporary “fix”, added 50 computers in existing space. Began process of re-educating campus community . Some student anxiety, close confines of existing lab space. what to do with students who are struggling? Complete redesign of existing lab space. Enlarging another classroom. Redesign of DSPM0850, Intermediate Algebra pilots. Modules? Continued evaluation of course content, course objectives, and teaching. Evaluation of diagnostic tools.

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