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Integrative Online and On-ground Courses: Challenges and Solutions.

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1 Integrative Online and On-ground Courses: Challenges and Solutions

2 Integrative Course Design Initiative: National Center for Academic Transformation Classes: 6 on-ground sections (100 students per section) and 3 online sections (30 students per section) Hours: Each on-ground section meets 2 hours a week Team: 3 member teaching team and 5 to10 hours a week of student-worker help, 1 adjunct instructor with multiple sections Curriculum: uniform in all sections Course Requirements: 1 Keys to Success quiz, 1 Introductory quiz, 3 unit quizzes, 3 debates, 3 unit exams, 1 final, 1 tutorial Resources: PowerPoint slides, library reference guide, streaming video, student tutor, textbook website

3 Collaboration The process –Frequent meetings –Formal and informal meeting What makes it work? –Maintaining academic freedom –The individual is subsumed to the whole –Candor –Climate of innovation –Willingness to negotiate –Use of humor –Ability to handle criticism

4 Outcomes Student: Improved student learning – pre and post test data verification Increased learner-focused curriculum Designated Psychology area/classroom – building a learning community Online and on-ground students have the same materials and opportunities –Faculty and tutors available for all students (on-ground and on-line) –One website for all students – maximum peer interaction and interactive mastery learning opportunities Flexible scheduling –Eliminate drop/add confusion - students can enroll in any open section and attend any section with a seat as many times as they wish Now, I know. I need the lecture. – can begin attending any or all lectures Job change. Cant come to class. or My baby is due next week. - not a problem just complete everything online without benefit of lecture

5 Outcomes Faculty: Streamlined management - eliminating replication of work –set of modularized course components that map to desired learning outcomes (one site – one syllabus – one set of materials developed collaboratively) –mass emailing and replication of course calendar most weeks students received an informative email -- How are you doing?, Office Hours, Due Date Reminders, Study Tips, Where are you?, Drop Date, … Increased office time for other course development or research Shared faculty involvement with student psychology club Collaborative development and revisions of CSTCC Psychology Department Library Resource Web Page Collaboration with other colleges and universities

6 Results of Redesign Model College: Increased and consistent faculty use of educational technology Decreased demand upon classroom space Reduction of instructional costs Faculty development of new courses and revision of current offerings Reduction of dependence upon part-time faculty Curriculum consistency across all sections – increased transferability and reduced grade inflation

7 Information National Center for Academic Transformation bstract.htm bstract.htm National Center for Academic Transformation- national project outcomes mes.htm mes.htm The Learning MarketSpace

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