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Confidencial © 2011 TECNALIA 1 TECNALIA. 2 Tecnalia R&I 1st. Research and Technology Organisation in Spain and 5th. in Europe.

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1 Confidencial © 2011 TECNALIA 1 TECNALIA

2 2 Tecnalia R&I 1st. Research and Technology Organisation in Spain and 5th. in Europe

3 Confidencial © 2011 TECNALIA 3 Projects under Contract Competitive Public Funding Non-Competitive Public Funding Income distribution: SOME DATA CONCERNING TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION 132 M€ income 2011 1.450 Staff 26 Installations 4.000 Clients Leadership in Europe (7th. FP): 209 projects approved209 projects approved 46 projects led46 projects led 75,89 M€ in total income75,89 M€ in total income 2 M€ incomes for licenses of industrial property 46 patents filled 13% International

4 Confidencial © 2011 TECNALIA URBAN SOLUTIONS Urban Sustainability Buildings & Urban Design Energy Efficiency & Management Governance & Local Development Sustainable Urban Mobility Urban Intelligence WATER TECH ENERGY in BUILDINGS SMART GRIDS Strategy for the Urban Environment

5 Confidencial © 2011 TECNALIA 5 Urban Sustainability - Integrated sustainability assessment (indicators, GIS based analysis, planning criteria). Relevant experience in Zaragoza. - Environmental Quality and Comfort (GIS based mathematical modelling -noise, air quality, climate comfort-, soundscapes, urban ecosystem services, environmental planning, design of products and engineering solutions to mitigate impacts). Relevant experience in Bilbao.

6 Confidencial © 2011 TECNALIA 6 Urban Sustainability - Climate adaptation and resilience (vulnerability assessment models, adaptation planning, adaptive governance and transition planning). Relevant experience in Vitoria. - Strategic urban planning (land use modelling, planning criteria as output of the before mentioned expertise). Relevant research initiatives in collaboration with Tyndal, Cired or TNO, and urban planning pilot cases under negotiation in the Basque Country.

7 Confidencial © 2011 TECNALIA 7 Governance & Local Development Policy support for public administrations, technical assistance in public programs: Diagnosis and policy impact evaluation, policy layout and benchmarking, development of models, entrepreneurship policies. Foresight and Strategies: Watch systems, reports identification of trends; foresight studies and strategic planning (short, medium and long term) Governance: E-Government, Citizen participation. Networks and Collaboration: Cooperation and clustering, Knowledge transfer, best practice dissemination.

8 Confidencial © 2011 TECNALIA 8 Key projects OPENESS. “Operationalisation of Natural Capital and EcoSystem Services: From Concepts to Real-world Applications”, FP7. Case study: Urban planning and green infrastructures in Vitoria-Gasteiz UHI The key issues from ecosystem service perspective The green belt provides 3 main ecosystem services: Provisioning: nutrition (cultivated crops*), Regulation & maintenance ( climate & air quality regulation, flood protection, habitat and gene pool protection) Cultural: educational, scientific & entertainment The main aim is to link these green spaces by means of a number of ecological corridors and creating new links through interventions creating an internal green belt. One of the main challenges is how integrating this strategy into the revision of the city’s Master Plan, being able to quantify the ecosystem services provided by the existing or planned green infrastructures. * The Green Belt is surrounded by a ring of about 11,000 ha agricultural

9 Confidencial © 2011 TECNALIA 9 Key projects RAMSES. “Reconciling Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development for Cities”, FP7. TECNALIA will lead one WP on stimulating European strategies for urban transition, where it will ensure the inclusion of findings from WP City typologies, climate impact functions and library for Urban Agglomerations. TECNALIA will further contribute to WP: How does multi-level institutional environment shape urban policy decision, influence urban structure evolution and determine urban adaptation and mitigation capabilities?, where it is responsible for Task Analysis of the decision-making process, as well as support WP Taxonomy of Architecture and Infrastructure Indicators.

10 Confidencial © 2011 TECNALIA 10 Key projects The objective is to design adaptation strategies of human and natural systems in response to scenarios of climate change in the Basque Country minimizing its effects and considering the coming opportunities. The aim of this work is to reduce the uncertainty of a region in the topics of Climate Change impacts and extend the knowledge of systems functions to that allow us the effective design of vulnerability reduction methodologies. K-EGOKITZEN: “Climate Change: Impact and adaptation”, Regional project. Basque Government Vulnerability Assessment Hazard analysis

11 Confidencial © 2011 TECNALIA 11 Key projects The objective is to Ecological value of the sites. Relationship between soil organisms and soil ecosystem functioning and services. BERRILUR: “Strategic research for the protection and recovery of health and quality of soil resources”, Basque Government

12 Confidencial © 2011 TECNALIA

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