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Providing Best Practice Compliance Solutions for Employer Groups.

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1 Providing Best Practice Compliance Solutions for Employer Groups

2 ACA Requirements All employers, regardless of employee count, are required to provide employees with notices regarding their rights as they relate to benefits throughout the year. In addition to providing notices to employees, some states are requiring employers to provide proof that notices are delivered to employees throughout the year. Examples of these include: ERISA- 7 Parts of ERISA Part 1: Reporting and Disclosure Part 4: Fiduciary Responsibilities Part 5: Administration and Enforcement Part 6: COBRA Part 7: Group Health Requirements Mandated Coverage QMCSO Dependents Mental Health Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Requirement Statement 106 Statement 112 Statement 158 Other Federal Laws Medicare Part D etc. 8 others Employment Law Affecting Group Health Plans 7 items Key State Regulations

3 Use NavigateHCR Because you need a way to ensure that your company is compliant. We deliver all required documents, communications and notices to every employee, every month throughout the year. We deliver all notices and documents to New Hires and Terminated Employees within the required time frame, eliminating the need for “scrambling” to find and distribute them yourself. We provide proof of online delivery and receipt of all notices. We provide monthly reports of non-compliant employees. We provide customized notice delivery scheduling specific to Plan Renewal Dates.

4 Products Offered by NavigateHCR Employer Express Monthly Email that goes directly to the Employer Includes all the monthly notices for the Employer to distribute Benefit to the Employer- building their compliance file with ease of administration Flat Monthly Cost Employee Express Monthly Emails that goes directly to Employee Employee verifies and acknowledges email Monthly report to Employer Can be sent to company specific email or personal Set Up Cost and Per Employee Per Month

5 How NavigateHCR Works All we need is a simple employee census with name, address and email. We take care of the rest We upload the census into our system. We produce any and all notices for delivery. We send out monthly notices to employers and/or employees directly via email.* We provide proof that notices were delivered to employees. We produce a monthly report detailing all non-compliant employees. We help you minimize your company’s exposure to audits. * in the event that email is not available, notices will be sent via the U.S. Postal Service

6 Notice Delivery Email: Employer Express Monthly Notices are delivered directly to employer email inbox Employer is responsible for delivering to employees

7 Notice Delivery Email: Employee Express Notices are all delivered directly to employee’s email inbox from HCRToolbox Simple “click thru” process to show email receipt begins by clicking the link at the bottom of the email

8 Verification Record: Employee Express 1.Once Employees click the link in the email they are taken to a Verification screen 2.Employees are asked to “confirm” receipt of listed notices There are no logins or passwords to remember. New links are generated monthly.

9 Monthly Report: Employee Express On a monthly basis employers are given a report on notices sent and employee verification of notices.

10 How to Get Started Sign up today. – Complete the Company Enrollment form – Choose Employer Express or Employee Express – Provide a census with employer contact info (Employer Express) – Provide a census with employee first name, last name and email address (Employee Express) We do the rest!

11 Contact Us Our NavigateHCR team is ready to assist: Email: 855-742-7427 Or visit us online at

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