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Diverse Learning Styles Alayna Wagner Mod4.IndA2.

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1 Diverse Learning Styles Alayna Wagner Mod4.IndA2

2 My Own Learning Style I am a Bodily-Kinesthetic and Visual-Spatial learner. I am very hands-on and visual when it comes to learning. Someone can tell me something over and over, but until I see it or manipulate it, it’s hard to understand.

3 My Butterfly Lesson Lesson -Parts of the Butterfly 1.Show a picture of a butterfly and discuss the different body parts 2.Take butterfly parts made out of paper and play a game to see who can make a complete butterfly first. Roll a die and each number represents a different body part. 3.Individually take a diagram of a butterfly and label the different parts to assess understanding.

4 Learning Styles Addressed Visual-Spatial- looking at a picture of a butterfly, putting the parts together like a puzzle, and labeling the parts Bodily-Kinesthetic- Hands on during the game Musical-Not addressed in this lesson Interpersonal- working in groups during the game

5 More Learning Styles Addressed Intrapersonal- completing the diagram individually at the end of the lesson Naturalistic- learning about insects Logical-Mathematical- rolling the die and putting the butterfly parts together Verbal-Linguistic- listening to the discussion on butterflies, speaking in groups while playing the game

6 Adding Technology Watch a video on butterflies and their different parts to start the lesson Enhances learning styles: verbal-linguistic - listening visual-spatial - making visual metaphors naturalistic - watching butterflies in their own environment

7 Adding Technology Add a song about butterflies Enhances learning style: musical – by singing

8 Adding Technology Add Smart Response Clickers Instead of having my students fill out the body parts on paper at the end of the lesson for understanding, I could change this to a quiz on the Smart Board involving the clickers. I could reach almost all types of learners. Verbal-Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Visual-Spatial, and Bodily-Kinesthetic

9 Reflection This assignment made me realize the importance of reaching all types of learners in my lesson. By adding technology to a lesson, you can reach a variety of different learners, make learning more exciting, and engage your students.

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