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The Water Cycle By: Alison Pacillo June 26, 2007.

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1 The Water Cycle By: Alison Pacillo June 26, 2007

2 What is the Water Cycle?  The water cycle is the continuous movement of water between the atmosphere, the land, and the oceans.  The water cycle contributes to the process of erosion and the shaping of Earth’s surface.

3 Evaporation  Evaporation takes place when water from the oceans and Earth’s surface changes into water vapor.  Water Vapor is water in a gas or vapor state.  Energy from the sun causes evaporation.  Water gains energy during evaporation.

4 Condensation  Condensation takes place when the water vapor cools and changes into water droplets.  These water droplets form clouds in the atmosphere.  Water loses energy during condensation.

5 Precipitation  Precipitation is rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls from clouds onto Earth’s land oceans. Rain- Snow- Rain- Snow- Hail- Sleet- Hail- Sleet- http://www.kidsgeo.com http://apollo.lsc.vsc.edu

6 Percolation PPPPercolation is the downward movement of water through pores and other spaces in soil and is due to gravity. 

7 Runoff RRRRunoff is water that flows over land into streams and rivers. TTTThis water later enters oceans.

8 Review Questions 1. What is the water cycle? 2. What are the five stages of the water cycle? 3. Name the four forms of precipitation? 4. What causes evaporation? 5. What is water vapor?

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