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The Water Cycle.

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1 The Water Cycle

2 Water never leaves the Earth
Water never leaves the Earth. It is constantly being cycled through the atmosphere, ocean, and land. This process, known as the water cycle, is driven by energy from the sun. The water cycle is crucial to the existence of life on our planet.

3 Water Storage in Ice & Snow
Includes ice caps, glaciers, and permanent snow

4 B. Precipitation Rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc.
Under correct temperature and atmospheric pressure, small water droplets in clouds become larger and precipitation

5 C. Snowmelt runoff to streams

6 D. Infiltration Some precipitation soaks into ground. As it filters through soil and rock layers, it becomes cleaner (impurities are filtered out)

7 E. Groundwater Discharge
Some ground water returns to the surface either through the roots of plants or wells dug by humans

8 F. Ground Water Storage Water stored underground

9 G. Water Storage in Oceans
97% of the water on earth is stored in oceans

10 H. Evaporation Liquid water turns into water vapor in the atmosphere
High temperature & low air pressure make this happen

11 I. Condensation Water turns from vapor to liquid (opposite of evaporation) Lower temperatures favor condensation

12 J. Water Storage In the form of clouds and fog, water can be stored in the atmosphere

13 K. Evapotranspiration Plants absorb water from the soil, move it through their roots and stem to the leaves. Water is released through the leaves into the atmosphere.

14 L. Sublimation Water turns directly from a solid to a gas (snow or ice to water vapor)

15 M. Surface Runoff Water normally flows downhill unless a force other than gravity is acting upon

16 N. Streamflow Streams and rivers flow downhill.

17 O. Spring Places where freshwater is released from underground.

18 P. Freshwater Storage Ponds, rivers, streams


20 http://perso. orange. fr/prof

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