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NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE PubMed Central Edwin Sequeira National Library of Medicine May 26, 2004.

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1 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE PubMed Central Edwin Sequeira National Library of Medicine May 26, 2004

2 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE What is PubMed Central? Digital archive of life sciences journals includes health policy, bioinformatics and other fields Participation is open to journals: covered by a major abstracting/indexing service or, that have 3 editorial board members with current grants from major non-profit funding agencies Free access to full-text articles and supporting data Integrated with PubMed and other bibliographic and factual databases in NCBIs Entrez network

3 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE PMC Basic Policy Journal deposits an authoritative electronic copy that meets PMC data quality standards full-text XML original high-resolution graphics PDF supplementary data Journal may delay free access to its content research articles are generally free in a year or less Copyright is retained by publisher or author Deposits – and free access permissions – are permanent journal may stop depositing new material but may not withdraw material already deposited

4 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE PMC Archiving Model Multiple copies of archive on DVD and tape Catalog database tracks whats where Journal files: SGML or XML in Publishers DTD; Images, PDFs, Supplementary data files Convert SGML to PMC XML common format Convert images to Web display format High resolution image files Supplementary data files PDFsPMC XML files (common DTD) Web display images Source SGML/XML files PMC Public Access Database PMC Archive PMC Search results, TOC pages, Full text pages, and others Create online display pages dynamically from PMC database

5 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE Why??? Why XML? Preserves structure of an article Lends itself to intelligent processing citation matching, selective searching, etc. Human readable – not dependent on technology Portable Why Free? Readers provide another level of quality control The more eyes the better

6 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE Digital Journal Archiving Issues Ensuring quality of source materials Active use to ensure effective preservation Distribution of content to collaborating archives for added security standard agreement covering rights and responsibilities of archiving organization Basic toolset for archive duplication / exchange: common interchange DTD standard file names unique object and accession IDs possibly, core software for loading content to database and displaying it online

7 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE Genesis of the NLM Journal DTDs In the beginning (Jan 2000) … custom handling of each journal (with different DTDs) Within months … we need a common DTD … enter the PMC DTD – keep it simple … a simple DTD that accommodates a growing variety of incoming DTDs? Really? Summer / Fall 2001 … we completely redesign and expand the PMC DTD Early 2002 … Harvard / Mellon says can we share? Early 2003 … we have the NLM modular DTD suite … and weve learned that an Archiving DTD should not be a Publishing DTD

8 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE NLM Journal DTDs Journal Archiving and Interchange XML DTD common format for storing and distributing content supplied in a variety of source DTDs developed in cooperation with Mellon Foundation E-journal archiving program Journal Publishing XML DTD for original tagging of content at source Adopted by High Wire Press, JSTOR and many others Technical advisory group includes American Physical Society, High Wire Press, JSTOR, Microsoft

9 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE What To Archive? …you don't know what you've got Till it's gone – Joni Mitchell

10 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE What the World Needs Now Journal production – authoring and copy-editing – using XML-based tools published article comes from the XML, not vice versa Straightforward, universal standard for defining ownership and access rights, similar to copyright indication evolving flavors of Open Access changes of ownership Other operational, free archives that can form a collaborative archiving network

11 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE Back Issue Digitization Create a complete digital archive of PMC journals for todays if not online, it doesnt exist user Cover-to-cover digital copy of everything up to where journal began producing electronic copy Publisher gets free, unencumbered copy First complete archive, Bulletin of the Medical Library Association (1911), released in November 2003 Expected collaboration with Wellcome Trust and UK Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)


13 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE Find Out More PubMed Central home NLM Journal XML DTDs

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