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1MLA 2008 NAHRS & ANCC Magnet Accreditation: Whats the Attraction??? Pamela Sherwill-Navarro,MLS, AHIP Peg Allen, MLS, AHIP.

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1 1MLA 2008 NAHRS & ANCC Magnet Accreditation: Whats the Attraction??? Pamela Sherwill-Navarro,MLS, AHIP Peg Allen, MLS, AHIP

2 2MLA 2008Sherwill-Navarro / Allen Why Magnet Accreditation? American Nurse Credentialing Center Recognize healthcare organizations –Quality patient care –Nursing excellence –Professional innovations in nursing practice Support for 14 Forces of Magnetism –Identified by research

3 3MLA 2008 Magnet Survey Goals Assess library resources & services at ANCC certified Magnet facilities Enhance Magnet coordinator's awareness of skills & services librarians can contribute to the process Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

4 4MLA 2008 The Process Development – NAHRS Task Force –Followed section programs Evidence to the Point of Care & Magnet accreditation Approval – MLA Board, May 2007 Distribution – Magnet Coordinators list –Instructions: librarian input Follow up – DOCUSER database contacts Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

5 5MLA 2008 Responses 251 ANCC Magnet certified facilities 191 unique responses –70 completed by Magnet coordinators –144 completed by librarians –2 completed by Magnet coordinator with librarian –19 by Magnet coordinator & librarian Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

6 6MLA 2008 Select Questions Internet access –92.7% (178) access on floors & in library –2.1% (4) access only in library –5.2% (10) other Library access –98.3% (180) Within institution complex –4.7% (9) Yes, but not within complex –1.6% (3) Only virtual access Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

7 7MLA 2008 Library Services Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

8 8MLA 2008 Bibliographic Databases Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

9 9MLA 2008 Point of Care/EBP Resources (some with online books) Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

10 10MLA 2008 Librarians Role in Magnet Journey 155 (81.2%) reported librarian involvement Types of involvement –Services –Collaboration –Resources Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

11 11MLA 2008 Magnet Coordinator Comments Service –Traditional library services –Developed file management system for evidence –Assist nurses in school –Roving services on a cart & laptop Collaboration –Committees: Magnet, IRB, Nursing Research, EBP, Education –Site visit teams Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

12 12MLA 2008 Magnet Coordinators Comments Resources –Produced gap analysis –Educated nurses on existing resources –Acquired additional resources –Consumer information We don't have access, but are recognizing the value; I have consulted a university librarian and have brought this information to my CNO – that is why we will have this service available in 2008. Magnet Coordinator, NY Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

13 13MLA 2008 Magnet Librarian Comments Service –Traditional – instruction, mediated searches, document delivery –Assistance with submitting for publication –Orientations –Lists of resources –Extended hours Collaboration –Great Cookie Experiment –Committees: Magnet, Patient Ed., Research, Safety, Transcultural –Provided info for Magnet application –Workshops –Application preparation –Clinical rounds –Involved with Magnet survey visit Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

14 14MLA 2008 Magnet Librarian comments Resources –Resources related to Magnet –Increased nursing holdings –Collection updating Having a qualified medical librarian, I believe, is essential at any institution. A medical librarian provides the necessary leadership, expertise, and knowledge necessary for the provision of services, materials, and databases that assist healthcare providers (Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health personnel, etc.) give high quality, safe patient care. A medical librarian can also provide hospital administration with the information to make sound business decisions. Magnet Librarian, OH Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

15 15MLA 2008 Recommended Magnet Standards Access to a medical library meeting 2007 MLA standards for hospital libraries Nursing leadership support for library budget –Current appropriate resources –Adequate qualified staff 24/7 access to resources –Adequate computers with Internet/Intranet –Current core reference collection –Point of care resources Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

16 16MLA 2008 Magnet Standards Cont. Library support for nurses pursuing education Access to clinical resources for student nurses/faculty on rotations Health sciences librarian as a member of the Magnet team Nursing / librarian collaboration to select optimal Knowledge based resources Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

17 17 Magnet Standards Cont. Librarian presence on nursing & interdisciplinary committees –Education: Staff, Nursing, Patient/Family –IRB –Nursing Research –Patient safety Sherwill-Navarro / Allen MLA 2008

18 18MLA 2008 So what is the Attraction?? Librarians skills needed Magnet, a multi-disciplinary journey Librarians need to get involved –Visible proof of the libraries worth –Great library PR –Rewarding experience Collaboration on the journey to Magnet status is a natural Sherwill-Navarro / Allen

19 19MLA 2008Sherwill-Navarro / Allen ????Questions????

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