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GridWorld 2006 Use of MyProxy for the FusionGrid Mary Thompson Monte Goode GridWorld 2006.

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1 GridWorld 2006 Use of MyProxy for the FusionGrid Mary Thompson Monte Goode GridWorld 2006

2 FusionGrid SciDAC Collaboratory to support experimental fusion scientists (2001-2006) Remote job execution - TRANSP, a large code written and maintained by Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL) scientists, run at several sites. Wanted to run it at just one site and allow remote access. Remote Data access Had a common data storage format and server software, MDSplus, written at MIT. Needed secure remote access. Remote participation in tokamak experiments Funded by DOE/MICS. Goal to advance both the fusion science and the computer science. Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, Princeton CS, General Atomics, MIT Plasma & Fusion Science Center, ANL, LBNL, Univ. of Utah.

3 GridWorld 2006 Motivation for MyProxy enhancements Started with GSI and self managed certificates issued by DOEGrids CA Web Interface to CA not optimal for GSI use export and reformat for use with GSI. renewals especially problematic Script interfaces exist but are brittle Fusion Scientists submit jobs from a variety of machines. need to login thru firewalls before they can submit a job

4 GridWorld 2006 MyProxy for Long-term Credentials While MyProxy was originally designed to manage proxy certificates, it is happy to manage end entity certificates as well. DOEGrids CA policy prohibits third party possession of private keys. Needed new CA with a different policy FusionGrid could run its own CA software Could use an on-demand CA Implies another means to authenticate users ESnet agreed to run a separate CA with a policy that allowed private key storage on a secure server FusionGrid certificates are used within the FusionGrid for Globus job submission, MDSPlus data access, and access to secure web sites.

5 GridWorld 2006 Credential Manager (CM) Web based interface for requesting, renewing or revoking certificates. Stores certificates and keys in collocated MyProxy server Server host is secured Linux server Few accounts, no unnecessary servers, patches up-to-date, located in machine room. Keys are arguably safer here than on users workstations

6 GridWorld 2006 Credential Manager Use FusionGrid accepts new users via the request to the CM for a new certificate. Requires user name and password, contact information, purpose of joining the FusionGrid. Needs to be approved by a sponsor and issued by an RA. Once approved, the end entities credentials are stored in a MyProxy server. (the CredentialStore) User get proxy certificates authenticated by user name, password. (myproxy-logon) Note keys are encrypted by the password. Passwords are not stored on CM host. Dont need credential stored on the machine from which the Globus job is submitted.

7 GridWorld 2006 User information End entity credentials MyProxy CredentialStore Repository Store Delegate FusionGrid service register Architecture and Basic Use Case myproxy-logon FusionGrid CA Credential Manager (Apache/ CGI) Done once Once per 12 hrs For each job submission

8 GridWorld 2006 Proxy Renewals The most commonly used code in the FusionGrid (TRANSP) can have queue + run times of up to several weeks. We set up a different MyProxy server to provide a proxy renewal service (proxyStore) The CM provides a CGI interface designed to be callable by a script to generate a medium lived proxy certificate, add it to the renewal proxyStore and specify which service may use it for renewal. Renewals by services are handled by the normal myProxy trusted renewers mechanism.

9 GridWorld 2006 User information End entity credentials Renewable Proxies MyProxy CredentialStore Repository Store Delegate MyProxy ProxyStore Store Delegate FusionGrid service Set renewable proxy Architecture and Renewal Use Case myproxy-logon Credential Manager (Apache/ CGI ) [1] [2] [4] [5] [6] [3] Once per 12 hrs For each job submission

10 GridWorld 2006 Why two MyProxy servers? The CredentialStore repository stores end-entity certificates with encrypted keys and provides a flexible user-oriented delegation policy. Anonymous delegation with password The ProxyStore repository stores proxies with unencrypted keys and allows for delegations by only a set of known services. The retriever must authenticate by certificate and be listed as an allowed retriever for the specific certificate. The proxy that the user gets has a maximum allowed lifetime of 2 weeks (could be shorter) and defaults to 12 hrs.

11 GridWorld 2006 Servers are mirrored for robustness The three servers and their data bases are mirrored at LBNL and MIT to provide robustness in case of host or network failure at either site. The CM and end-entity is mirrored read-only, it can support proxy-logons but not new user registrations. The mirror is updated once every 24 hours. The proxyStore is synchronized in both directions at 1 minute intervals, so that a renewable certificate can always be entered or delegated from. The client interfaces try the LBNL server first and then fail over to the MIT servers. Used twice in 2 years: Security breach at LBL took all our machines off-line, network maintenance at MIT.

12 GridWorld 2006 Portal Technology for FusionGrid FusionGrid has experimented with a Java portal, but having a single all purpose portal did not correspond to the realities of the VO. There already existed several web sites at different institutions, implemented in different technologies (not Java) each serving a single purpose. Monitoring Authorization Working documents Several potential job submission sites

13 GridWorld 2006 Federated Portals What was needed was a common way to do authentication across all the Web sites. Must be simple for an existing Web site to implement PubCookie - an open source package using signed cookies can do this for web sites in the same domain, e.g. We wanted to integrate PubCookie with the FusionGrid single-signon mechanism that used myproxy-logon. And enable Web sites to get proxy certificates for authenticated users.

14 GridWorld 2006 MyProxy ProxyStore PubCookie Login Server (Apache) Authentication Plug-in MyProxy CredentialStore Store Delegate Store Delegate Webapp Server (Apache) FusionGrid service login Architecture and Portal Use Case (2) (3) (4) (5 with cookie) (6) (7) Renewable Proxies pubCookie proxies Once per 12 hrs For each job submission End entity credentials ( 1 initial contact )

15 GridWorld 2006 PubCookie - MyProxy integration Run PubCookie login server collocated with MyProxy server on The first time a user goes to a Web application server, he is redirected to the PC login server to get a cookie. PC login server supports plugins for authentication. We added an authentication module that calls MyProxy with the username and password.

16 GridWorld 2006 PubC-MyProxy authentication PubC login prompts the user for his FusionGrid username (GridId) and password. Calls MyProxy-logon which verifies the password and delegates a proxy Authentication module stores the proxy in the proxyStore named by the users GridId and enables it to be delegated by the list of known Webapp servers. PubC login server then creates, encrypts and signs the granting cookie and login cookie containing the GridId.

17 GridWorld 2006 PubCookie single-signon process Normal pubCookie process is followed. The login cookie is stored in the users browser The granting cookie is passed to the requested appServer The appServer creates a site-specific signed cookie containing users GridId. All access to that server now have an authenticated GridId. The login cookie is used in subsequent access to other appServers This GridId can be used by the app server to get a delegated proxy to use for Globus job submission or to make authorization queries to the FusionGrid authorization server.

18 GridWorld 2006 Summary Used a MyProxy repository to store long-term credentials Added some web interface and scripting frosting around the proxy renewal mechanism Integrated MyProxy and Pubcookie to enable single-purpose portals for job submission and other things.

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