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United States & East Asia. Filipinos Rebel  Guerrilla War  Reform Led to Self-Rule.

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1 United States & East Asia

2 Filipinos Rebel  Guerrilla War  Reform Led to Self-Rule

3 Guerrilla War in Philippines  Rebellion against US rule  Small bands of fighters to attack behind American lines  1901, Americans captured Aguinaldo

4 Reform  Self-Rule  William Howard Taft became gov. of Philippines  Censored press  Jailed rebels  Extended limited self-rule  Built schools, roads, & bridges

5 US Interest in China  Equal Trade  Boxer Rebellion  Open Door Policy

6 Equal Trade  Spheres of influence- region dominated & controlled by an outside power  Britain, France, Germany, Russia  Access to Chinese ports & markets  John Hay sent notes to foreign diplomats in 1899  Expected equal trade in China

7 Boxer Rebellion  Boxers-secret society in China trained in martial arts  Rebellion against “foreign devils”  May, 1900-killed foreign missionaries  Euro, American, & Japanese troops sent to stop Boxer Rebellion  China to pay an indemnity

8 Open Door Policy  Govt. did not want colonies in China, just free trade  Some indemnity money used to fund scholarships for Chinese students to study in America

9 Tensions Between US & Japan  Russo-Japanese War  Anti-Asian Prejudice  Great White Fleet

10 Russo-Japanese War  1904-Japan attacked Russia’s Pacific fleet  Negotiations in New Hampshire  Teddy Roosevelt intervened & presented a peace treaty

11 Anti-Asian Prejudices  Anti-Asian sentiment on West Coast  Gentlemen’s Agreement  Negotiated by Teddy Roosevelt  School to end segregation policy  Japan to limit emigration of citizens to US

12 Great White Fleet  New force of navy ships  16 white battleships  “Good will cruise”  ***Demonstrated America’s increased military power to the world***

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