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H&S Consultants Consulting Services and Project Management.

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1 H&S Consultants Consulting Services and Project Management

2 Company Vision and Mission We provide training, technical consulting and technical staff resources. H & S allows a costumer to easily receive safety training and Engineering consulting services in conjunction with OSHA information and written programs.

3 Company Vision and Mission As a valued customer H&S Safety Group Consultants wants to ensure you have the best resources and services available to ensuring a safe and healthful environment.

4 Services Our team consist of individuals who are consistently working for you. At H & S we provide continuing education programs required to keep every individual informed of new regulations, new products and new trends in your industry.

5 Services Our Main Engineering areas are: Electrical Mechanical Civil We also provide services in: Safety Evaluations Injury and Illness Prevention Systems (IIPS) Job Safety Analysis

6 Services Training Workshops: Crane, Rigging & Lifting Evaluations & Coordination’s Confined Space Entry Respiratory Protection Lockout/Tag out HazCom Blood borne Pathogens OSHA Record keeping Incipient Firefighting Hearing Conservation

7 Services Training Workshops: Fall Protection Electrical Safety Forklift Hazwoper Dot HazMat 181/126F Process Safety Management Personal Protective Equipment Hazardous Waste Management

8 Personnel and qualifications The H&S Safety Group Consultants Safety Division staff has over 10 years of experience in the field of Occupational Safety & Health and pride ourselves in the ability to offer on-site specific training, program writing, program evaluation, mock OSHA inspections and much more.

9 Contact Information H&S Safety Group Consultants P.O B0x 9622 Cidra PR.00739 Or give us a call at (787) 875-0393 (787)-595-2664 (787)-643-7521

10 Safety Evaluations Allows a company to bring in an impartial party to inspect a work facility and formulate and unbiased opinion of areas that need improvement. After the initial inspection a debriefing is held to go over the inspection’s entire finding. Written reports are given for records so that a company may take any necessary corrections on their own time schedule. This is a proved way to evaluate your existing safety programs and to ensure that your site-specific equipment and processes meet the OSHA standards.

11 Injury and Illness Prevention Systems (IIPS) Offers a company the opportunity to have a compliance system that is customized to the needs and situations of their work facility. Written procedures specific to your facility in place with all the OSHA programs required are provided in digitized format.

12 Job Safety Analysis On specific operations where the injuries and illnesses occurred in the past, this service provides an unbiased opinion of better work practices in which a job could be done. OSHA and individual checklists are used to provide a specific job safety analysis and are prepared in a standard and complete format that can be used in any project for the same activity.

13 Training Workshops The specialized knowledge and experience of H & S trainers’ enables us to provide solutions directed to the individual requirements of our customers.

14 H&S Safety Group Consultants Engineering Division The H&S Safety Group Consultants Engineering Division is the largest operating unit, contributing over one-half of its total revenue. The Engineering Division consists of three (3) sections Electrical, Mechanical and Civil. The combination of these three disciplines under one roof provides the benefits of better coordination, lower cost and shorter project cycle. The H&S Safety Group Consultants normally performs the following construction work: Safety - Development of specific criteria, inspection, reporting, training and first aid. Materials - Material take-offs, purchasing, expediting, receiving, positive material identification, grouping by work order or tie-in, etc.

15 H&S Safety Group Consultants Engineering Division Project Controls - Preparation of work order criteria, schedule initiation, validation and reporting, manpower and resource allocation. Includes scheduling Owner’s efforts required during turnarounds. Cost Control - Estimating, cost reporting and distribution by work order, full progress reporting and productivity measurement. Subcontract - Bid solicitation, contracting and administration. Systems Coordination - Complete installation, checkouts, turnover and start-up process systems.

16 Construction & Engineering The construction industry operates in a tough legal environment. Not only do we understand this environment, and the risks and opportunities it poses, we thrive in it. Our people are experienced at bringing construction and engineering projects to fruition, safeguarding our clients' interests and helping to ensure they emerge with the commercial result they need. We have a team of very successful professionals. This enormous depth of skill and experience assures your access to the very best Engineering & Safety advice in the industry. A number of our professionals are regarded as leading individuals in the industry.

17 Construction & Engineering Our firm has exceptionally strong ties to industry, working closely with many of the major players. We have come face to face with most of the Engineering & Safety issues that confront contractors, developers, consultants and government, and know how to resolve them.

18 Construction & Engineering Our expertise and single industry focus ensure our people are always on top of the engineering and commercial issues in the industry. No time or cost is wasted getting up to speed. Our experience is in all types of construction and engineering projects including: Commercial BuildingElectricity Civil engineeringPharmaceutical Transport (road,)Hotel, tourism and sporting facilities Residential property

19 Construction & Engineering We put in place the right team with the skills and leverage to get you through the engineering & management processes quickly so you can focus on results. The people you deal with at the outset of the project are with you at every stage. There are no delays while new people are briefed, no communication breakdowns and no knowledge gaps to overcome. Because our people are there right from the start, they are clear on the structure, your expectations and required commercial outcome.

20 Construction & Engineering Our services: Project document Project delivery Safety Evaluations Advance Trainings Inspections in: electrical engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering Engineering

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