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Saving Earth By: Anastasia Santana.

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1 Saving Earth By: Anastasia Santana

2 What is Global Warming? Global Warming is when the Earth gets warmer. Greenhouse gases cause the atmosphere to get thicker and the sun rays can’t bounce back into space. Leading to the planet’s temperatures to rise.

3 Cause of Global Warming
Using hair spray. If we use hair spray eventually the chemicals. will go into the air and make the earth’s atmosphere thicker. This is such a big problem because most girls wear hair spray and also they use way to much.

4 Cause of Global Warming
Driving in cars. When we drive cars pollutants from burning the gas goes into the air. This pollutes the earth and is another way global warming happens. Most of the people in our city drive cars from place to place. Can you imagine how bad that is for the Earth?

5 How Does Global Warming Effect the Planet?
Global warming effects our planet because when we do bad things the atmosphere gets thicker. When the atmosphere gets thicker sun rays would not be able to escape. Also we will have terrible natural disasters. Glaciers will melt. And animals will lose their natural habitat.

6 What Can We Do To Make It Better?
To slow down global warming we can take buses or our bikes so there will be use less gasoline and chemical pollutants in the air. Another thing that we can do to slow down global warming is for the girls not to use hair spray, especially in aerosol cans.

7 What Do Hurricanes Have to Do with Global Warming?
Because of the increase in water temperatures from global warming hurricanes grow stronger. They gain strength from hot patches of water, increasing rains and wind speed.

8 Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina was the sixth strongest hurricane in American history. At least 1836 people died in the actual hurricane and floods. Global warming played a role in Hurricane Katrina because since the ozone layer is thicker the sun rays reflect back on earth and increase the temperatures of the seas and

9 What Happened After the Hurricane?
After a hurricane there was a lots of flooding , no clean water, a lot of power outages, and lots of destruction.

10 What is Energy? Energy is the ability to do work.
Some things we use energy for are computers, laptops, lights, and any other electronic. The difference between renewable energy and non-renewable energy is renewable energy is energy you can reuse and non-renewable energy is energy you can’t reuse.

11 Non-Renewable energy Fossils fuels work by finding fossils and then making them into fuels. This effects our environment because if we use all too many fossils there won’t be any more because we have used them all.

12 Renewable energy A source of renewable energy can be seen by using solar panels on a building. Just let the sun do its job by giving us energy. This is better because there is less pollution when we have solar panels. When we have solar panels its better for the environment because it makes the sun become the energy.

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