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Project Management System Laima Abele Riga City Council Latvia.

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1 Project Management System Laima Abele Riga City Council Latvia

2 Riga: Capital City of Latvia Riga From Riga to… Vilnius (Lithuania) 263 km Tallinn (Estonia) 278 km Helsinki (Finland) 361 km Minsk (Belarus) 403 km Stockholm (Sweden) 442 km Warsaw (Poland) 559 km Copenhagen (Denmark) 723 km Moscow (Russia) 830 km Berlin (Germany) 840 km Madrid (Spain) 2711 km Valencia (Spain) 2628 km

3  Population: 739 thousand  Territory: 307 sq km  Geographical center of Baltic states  Crossroads between East and West Riga: Capital City of Latvia

4 Project Management System Development of the internet-based project management system started in 2001:  In cooperation with five Latvian regional development agencies implementation of development portal of Latvian regions was initiated ( in 2002;  PHARE CBC financing in 2002-2003;  PHARE CBC financing in 2003-2004;  INTERREG IIIC financing in 2004-2006 “E- PIPELINES”

5 E- pipelines Project  Project Title: Establishment of a mechanism for interregional cooperation on project development and implementation  Project Partners: Riga City Council, Latvia Vilnius City Council, Lithuania Pori City Council, Finland City of Stockholm, Competence Development Fund, Sweden Randers City, Denmark  Project Costs: EUR 546 826: EUR 324 720 (INTERREG IIIC) Local co-financing (total): EUR 222 106  Time of Implementation: July 2004 – August 2006

6 E- pipelines Project  Main activities: Identification of the existing project pipeline systems Exchange of experience in creating and working with project pipeline systems Workshops and transfer of know-how Adjustment of the existing and newly developed project pipelines Development of a joint project data base for the region Capacity raising exercises in work with international project

7 E- pipelines Project  Expected results: Project data bases established/advanced in each of the partner municipalities A coordination network among the project partners established A joint project data base established for the region Project coordinators trained in development of project pipeline systems Employees of the respective municipalities trained in work with international projects

8 Project Management System Functions of the system:  Optimal coordination of activities between project coordinators within municipalities or regions  Multilevel hierarchy (administrative) system – different levels of access, viewing, editing  Possibility to attract different specialists and external consultants for improvement of projects’ descriptions on-line using internet  access of the recorded information from every place of the world using internet connection

9 Project management system Functions of the system (continued):  internal evaluation system of the projects (conformity to different strategic documents, quality, etc.)  chance to save time due to more efficient way of dissemination, editing and searching of information  easy way to prepare static version of the data base that can be transferred to digital media (CD etc.)  creation of information network and efficient dissemination of the information

10 Project management system Tools for project implementation and monitoring: Contract register Payment module Budget module Reporting module Document module (linked with public interface of particular project web page) Timesheet module Tasks module


12 Project management system Newest additional features:  Partner (project) search function;  Multi-language interface;  Investment module

13 Co-operation Possibilities We offer:  Transfer and exchange of experience on project management issues  Provide expertise and training of use of our system  Partnership in new projects  Management of funding programs

14 Co-operation Possibilities We are interested in:  Similar experiences of other cities  Partnership in new projects proposed by other municipalities or institutions  Creation of very qualified project teams for large scale projects  Establishment of co-operation consortiums for international tenders

15 Thank you for attention! Riga City Council

16 Welcome to Riga !

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