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Charlemagne Unites Germanic Tribes

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1 Charlemagne Unites Germanic Tribes
Chapter 13 Section 1

2 Key Terms Middle ages Franks Monastery Secular Carolingian Dynasty

3 Invasions of Western Europe
5th Century Germanic tribes overrun the Romans Disruption of trade Merchants face invasions, business collapses Downfall of cities Cities abandoned as centers of administration

4 Invasions of Western Europe
Population shifts Nobles retreat to rural areas City dwellers flee to countryside Grew their own food Western Europe becomes rural

5 The Decline of Learning
Germanic invaders could not read or write Learning declined as families moved to the country Priests and church officials were literate Few could read Greek works Germans no written language

6 Loss of Common Language
Germanic speaking mixed with Romans Latin changed Different dialects developed with new words and phrases 800’s, French, Spanish, and other Roman based languages evolved from Latin

7 Germanic Kingdoms Emerge
small Germanic kingdoms emerge Concept of Government Changes Family ties personal loyalty replace citizenship in a public state Lived in small communities Unwritten rules

8 The Concept of Government Changes
Germanic chief led warriors Peacetime followers lived in Chief’s hall Gave out food, weapons, treasure No obligation to obey a king Not obey officials sent by king to collect taxes

9 Clovis Rules the Franks
Gaul- Germanic people called the Franks held power Clovis was their leader Brought Christianity Prayed for victory Clovis and 3,000 warriors baptized by a bishop

10 Clovis Rules the Franks
Church in Rome welcomed the conversion Supported campaigns against Germanic people 511 unites the Franks into one kingdom Partnership between Franks and the Church

11 Germans Adopt Christianity
600’s many German people had converted Missionaries spread Christianity ’s worked with Celts and Germans Fear of Muslim attack caused many to convert

12 Monasteries, Convents, Manuscripts
Monasteries is a religious community Men called monks devote lives to God Women called nuns went to convents 520 Benedict Italian monk wrote strict rules

13 Monasteries, Convents, and Manuscripts
Scholastica (Benedicts sister) headed a convent under the same rules Monasteries best educated communities ’s Monks made beautiful copies of religious writings Preserved Rome’s heritage

14 Papal Power Expands Under Gregory
590 Gregory I Broadened papal authority More than spiritual Became secular or worldly power Involved with politics Pope’s palace center of Roman government

15 Papal Power Expands Under Gregory
Used church revenues to raise armies, repair roads, help the poor Negotiate peace treaty with the Lombards Italy to England, Spain to Germany his responsibility Churchly kingdom ruled by a pope (Middle Ages)

16 An Empire Evolves England was 7 tiny kingdoms
Some no larger than Connecticut Franks controlled the largest and strongest of Europe’s kingdoms 511 Clovis dies Rules most of France

17 Charles Martel Emerges
700 major domo or mayor of the palace most powerful person Charge of royal household and estates 719 Charles Martel 732 defeats Muslims in the Battle of Tours

18 Charles Martel Emerges
Became a Christian hero Gave power to his son Pepin the Short Pepin worked with the Pope Pepin fought Lombard's at church request Carolingian Dynasty rules Franks

19 Charlemagne Becomes Emperor
Ruled kingdom 6’4” tall Built empire greater than ancient Rome Fought Muslims in Spain Reunited western Europe Spread Christianity

20 Charlemagne Becomes Emperor
800 Charlemagne’s empire larger than Byzantine Empire 800 traveled to Rome and put down a mob Pope Leo II confers title of “Roman Emperor” Joining of Germanic power and the church

21 Charlemagne Leads Revival
Limited power of nobles Sent out royal agents Made sure powerful landowners governed justly Visited parts of the kingdom Encouragement of learning Surrounded himself with scholars

22 Charlemagne’s Heirs Opened a palace school
Ordered monasteries to train monks and future priests Louis the Pious emperor ineffective ruler Had three sons Lothair, Charles the Bald, Louis the German 843 Treaty of Verdun

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