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Employee Procedures Chamberlain School District 7-1 2015-2016.

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1 Employee Procedures Chamberlain School District 7-1 2015-2016


3 Purchase Order This template is used for ALL purchases from a vendor outside of Chamberlain Fill out completely– Include the Fax number if available Must be on a district voucher If you Need the template of the voucher, e- mail- and she will send it to you)

4 Purchase Order Must be submitted to and approved by your Direct Supervisor. Send to the Business Office No call in orders--No samples/preview orders without a purchase order( PO# for tracking) Any Purchase Order not completed correctly will be returned for correction

5 Progress of Purchase Order One copy will be e-mailed back to your Direct Supervisor and one copy to the Staff Member When contacting the Business Office with questions concerning a P. O. you must have the purchase order number

6 Registrations Contact the Business Office @ 234-4477 before completing your Registration voucher.

7 Reimbursements Use Voucher Template for: –mileage reimbursement (School Board Policy) See Travel Allowances Sheet –meals/rooms/lodging

8 Reimbursements Vendor Box--Fill out completely –Who-this is who is to receive the payment –What, Where, When and Why-include in Description Box Sign the claimant line only if payment is to you! Give to Principal/Director for approval Submitted to Business Office-should be submitted (typed) on the voucher template. They will be processed and a check will be written Any Voucher not completed correctly will be returned for correction

9 Trust/Agency Voucher Used to request funds from Activity Accounts Fill out completely Submit to Business Office Turn in no later than 4:00 PM Wednesday to receive a check on Thursday. Any Voucher not completed correctly will be returned for correction

10 Local Purchase Order Used on any approved purchase during the current school year– local only Each Principal has a book Fill out completely including club name –For identification on the invoice Must be approved by Principal/Director Local vendors are instructed not to charge without a local purchase order.

11 Receiving Materials at School Materials received by the district at our address will be checked for a purchase order Materials will be checked in and sent to the appropriate person Personal items should not be received by the school Any item ordered (including previews & free items) without a purchase order number will be returned to sender!!!

12 Use of Fax Machine Faxes are received and sent by the Business Office--Fax Number 234-4479 Faxes received will be put in the appropriate mail box and routed to the appropriate person If you are waiting for a fax, please check with the Business Office The High School Fax Machine is for Administrative use ONLY.

13 Travel Authorization Request Forms As soon as you are aware of the need for a vehicle--Fill out form and submit to supervisor All regularly scheduled athletic transportation will be handled through Mr. Palmer All other transportation will be handled through the principal/supervisor You will receive an email from the Business Office on the availability of a vehicle. NOTE: emails MAY come from copier-chamadminbldg –

14 Travel Authorization Request Form In emergency situations, you may call the Business Office, but you should still follow up with the proper form. Checking with the Business Office would be advisable a few days before the trip. The Vehicle Use Log/calendar can be viewed under Public Folders in Outlook (Vehicle Use)

15 Travel Arrangements Always fill out the form with proper times and dates -include when you will pick up and return vehicle Contact the Business Office if a cancellation occurs Return the vehicle promptly--others may need the vehicle immediately

16 Travel Arrangements Return keys and credit cards to the office on return. If closed, put in key drop in door of the Business Office. Please fill with gas (Burke’s, Sinclair or Dakota Shell) and clean out garbage. Report a dirty vehicle to the Business Office Only authorized school personnel should drive vehicles and notify police and administration of any accident situation

17 Travel Arrangements Report any maintenance needs or accidents/damage to the Business Office The school vehicles are in constant use and put on many miles--Please take care of them You will find school vehicles in the Parking Lot located west of the Administration Building (White House) on Kellam Avenue.

18 Use of Facilities Any type of facility must be scheduled through Donna in the Business Office. The master school calendar is located at the Business Office. Please contact Donna if any changes are needed. Calendars can be located and viewed under Public Folders in Outlook (Master Calendar)

19 Handling Money All money collected for school purposes should be processed through the Business Office. A cash reconciliation form must be completed. Activity supervisors should collect all money from students and then turn into the Business Office. Do not keep in a drawer. The Staff Member is responsible in case of loss.

20 Handling Money If your club is handling concessions, pick up the money box at the Business Office the day of the event or make other arrangements. The money box must be returned by the administrator on duty. In approved cases, the supervisor can return it the next morning.

21 Request for Leave Obtain a Leave Form ( Forms) Forms) Fill out completely and return to the Building Principal Building Principal will process and send to the Superintendent Superintendent will process and return copies to the Building Principal and Teacher Please see the 2015-16 Negotiated Agreement for more information ( Agreement) ( Agreement)

22 Request for Leave Please make request ASAP--All leaves are subject to negotiated policies and availability of substitutes.

23 Professional Growth Plan **SLOs Student Learning Objectives **…and a record of meetings, workshop, and trainings you participate in during the school year.

24 Course Permit Form Any credit hours taken to be applied as a educational advancement or used for state certification must have approval from the superintendent. A Course Permit Form can be found at ( n/Employee Forms). n/Employee Forms)

25 Tuition Reimbursement Obtain the required form at ( yee Forms) yee Forms) Complete Part A –Submit with Course Permit Form for approval Complete Coursework Complete Part B –Submit with voucher, receipt, official transcript and Professional Development Report Form (optional)

26 National Convention Attendance Obtain the required form from your Building Principal Complete Part A –Submit for approval with Professional Leave Form to your Building Principal –Receive approval from the Business Office –The School Board must approve ALL Out of State Travel. Attend Convention Complete Part B –Submit voucher with proof of payment for: registration, airfare, lodging and any miscellaneous expenses (tips are excluded and not reimbursed). No receipt is needed for mileage and meals. Submit Professional Development Report Form (optional) National Convention for the 2015-2016 school year. Limited availability.

27 Staff Development Form Any staff member attending any professional development activity should obtain ( yee Forms) and complete the form ( yee Forms) Thank You for your commitment to life-long learning and school improvement!

28 To Receive Educational Advancement Proof of a salary change based on additional hours earned rests with the teacher. Copies of all transcripts must be on file in the Office of the Superintendent. To be eligible for a contract amendment the Request for Educational Advancement Form ( Forms) must be presented to the superintendent prior to July 1 of the school year. Forms)

29 Fundraising Policy School Board Policy KI/KJ Only with formal authorization Application filed with the Building Principal ( yee Forms) yee Forms) If raising more than $1000-Superintendent must approve. All Non-School Sponsored Groups encouraged to use application process.

30 Employee Forms All forms can be found online at inistration inistration

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