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National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in the United States Kenneth R. McDonald NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from a.

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1 National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in the United States Kenneth R. McDonald NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from a presentation by: Mark Reichardt Federal Geographic Data Committee

2 Agenda n History of NSDI in the U.S. n Current Status n Next Steps n Towards a Global Infrastructure

3 Genesis of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure n Since late 1950’s federal emphasis to review spatial data functions across government (reduce cost, redundancy) n OMB Circular A-16 created to address mapping, surveying and related activities across the federal government n Federal Interagency Coordinating Committee on Digital Cartographic created under OMB directive in 1983 n Federal Geographic Data Committee formalized in 1990 to coordinate federal geospatial data activities throughout federal government and with other national interests (revision of OMB Circular A-16) n National Performance Review endorses a more formal spatial data infrastructure initiative (1993)

4 Federal Geographic Data Committee n Created under a revision to OMB Circular A- 16 to coordinate geospatial activities across government n Representation: –17 Cabinet and Executive Level Agencies –Numerous Stakeholder Members –Chaired by Secretary Babbitt –FGDC Staff supports operations, administered through the USGS

5 n National Spatial Data Infrastructure formed by Presidential Executive Order 12906 (1994) n Emergence of Regional, and Global SDI initiatives (1996 and on) Genesis of Spatial Data Infrastructure in the U.S.

6 The Vision of the NSDI n n Current and accurate geospatial data should be: – –Readily available: - - locally - - nationally - - globally - - To contribute to: - - economic growth - - environmental quality - - social progress

7 Core NSDI Components Partnerships Metadata GEOdata Clearinghouse (catalog) Framework Standards

8 VI A Network of NSDI Organizations National League of Cities National Association of Counties Intertribal GIS CouncilUniversity Consortium on GI Sciences Open GIS ConsortiumFGDC National States Geographic Information Council International City / County Managers Association

9 NSDI Progress: Metadata Metadata n FGDC Metadata Standard in wide use at national, state, local levels n ISO TC-211 working towards an International Metadata Standard (second draft is in review) n FGDC endorses ISO metadata standard n FGDC will develop an ISO metadata standard implementation strategy and training

10 NSDI Clearinghouse Growth 1994 – 2000

11 Z39.50 Geo / Metadata Compliant Sites

12 Cooperative Agreements Program State government Academic institutions Federal agencies County & city government Regional organizations Tribal government Private business Cooperative Agreement Partnership/collaboration In-kind funding match Sustainable projects Applied projects Participants Requirements

13 CAP projects (1994-1999) l clearinghouse implementations l metadata training l metadata thematic implementations l metadata tool development l educational outreach l framework implementations l standards development & implementation l establishment of coordination groups l web mapping testbed software development l U.S & Canadian collaboration

14 1999 Geodata Forum National Assessment of the NSDI n NSDI progress and future examined at recent Geodata Forum n 460 industry, government, academia, international attendees n Identified key recommendations to enhance the NSDI n Growing Congressional support for NSDI, first formal hearing held on GIS Policy

15 Expanding Emphasis Areas for NSDI Interoperability & Integration Testbeds Publish Funding Mechanisms and Options OpenGeoprocessingInterfaces CommunityApplications Resources Better Understand Economic Dynamics Of Private and Federal Sectors Data Registry For Requirements Increase Data Sharing / Discovery Through Standards NationalLeadership NSDI As A National Objective Through Legislation Increased Emphasis For Decision Support Systems Locally Independent, Regionally Coordinated Processes Additional Federal Community Incentives Increase GI Sciences Training Education & Outreach Document Case Studies Educational Experiences At All Grade Levels Establish Means For Sharing Best Practices Through NSDI More Flexible, Broadly Represented Organization Update NSDI Strategic Direction

16 Expanded Emphasis for NSDI National Leadership / Global Partnerships Metadata GEOdata Clearinghouse (catalog) Framework Standards Community Applications Expanded Resources Education and Outreach

17 Community Applications n Increased focus on interoperability testbeds and community applications –FGDC Cooperative Agreements Program –Community Demonstration Projects –Disaster mitigation, response, recovery –Open GIS Consortium Web Mapping Testbed –Digital Earth

18 NSDI / Digital Earth Relationships SDI Resources Metadata GEOdata Clearinghouse (catalog) Framework Standards Outreach and Educations National Leadership / Organization Community Applications Community End Use Applications Emphasis on focused research, funding, and collaborative partnerships to resolve gaps \ issues Ensure a sustainable DE marketplace Goal: DE & NSDI provide leadership for nationally consistent capability for new multi-dimensional representations of our planet NSDI and GSDI to provide the core infrastructure NSDI & DE establish collaborative environment for a complete delivery system

19 Exploring Next Steps for Digital Earth and NSDI n Explore the alignment of Digital Earth with the FGDC –Steering Group –National Geodata Organization Initiative n Create pervasive communications links so that NSDI/GSDI and Digital Earth vision and programmatics are understood.

20 Expanded Resources n NSDI Financing Study –Potential financing mechanisms (pooled loans) and –Data Consortia (regional, industry, topic) to build and manage geospatial data n Underwritten to –Protect open access to federal data –Encourage private sector revenue from value added activities n Require metadata, data, technology standards

21 Education and Outreach n Increased emphasis on case studies and proven practices n Partnerships with Digital Earth Initiative –DEVELOP (College and HS level, increase curriculum focus on DE and geospatial) –Museums (Smithsonian, Science Museum of Minnesota, American Museum Natural History) –E-theater (NASA) –GLOBE (9,000 K-12 students collecting Global Change Research information)

22 National Organization n New flexible, broadly represented national organization –Broader private sector involvement, expanded federal commitments –Defined national governance structure –Design team working the plan – October 2000 target date –FGDC continues with federal focus n Congressional interest in Legislation to strengthen NSDI Executive Order

23 International Activities n Nation to nation collaborative activities n Global Spatial Data Infrastructure n Regional Committees for SDI n International Standards Development n Survey of SDI’s

24 FGDC International Policy Statement n Acknowledges local, national, regional, global perspectives and needs for SDI n Identifies a FGDC staff position n Emphasizes collaboration between nations, Regional and Global SDI n Issued March 2000

25 GSDI: Global Reach On the Way Gateways Web Client Web Client Clearinghouse Sites CEONet Node FGDC Node Others Node ASDD

26 Tomorrow: A Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Enabled Through Partnerships, Standards, Technology Businesses s Consumers s Government s Users Registered Data Servers Imagery Web-Enabled Services Map Services Catalog Services Service Registry Internet Elevation HydrographyDemographicsHealthGeodetic Control Transportation Internet Clearinghouse Economic E-Commerce Authentication Other Metadata CrimeEnvironment

27 Additional Information n www.fgdc.govFederal Geographic Data Committee n n of SDI’s ~onsrud/GSDI.htm n n www.gsdi.orgGlobal Spatial Data Infrastructure n www.nbii.govNational Biological Information Infrastructure

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