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3 All class presentations ( including this one) can be viewed or downloaded at:

4 Placement Reading 90- Accuplacer 61-77 or THEA 200-229 (or passing grade on reading 80) Reading 80- Accuplacer 44-60 or THEA 180-199 (or passing grade on reading 70) Reading 70 Accuplacer 0-43 or THEA 100-179

5 Developmental Reading Courses – A visual representation Reading 0070 Reading 0080 Reading 0090 “College Ready” Accuplacer, THEA, TAKS, etc

6 Determination of College Readiness Students will be determined to have met the College- Readiness Standard in the area of reading by either of the following methods:  A passing score on an approved assessment instrument. (THEA, Accuplacer,TAKS, ACT, or SAT) Or  Passing READ 90 with a “C” or better.

7 P Grade Policy:  Students who pass a STC approved TSI placement test during the term and are passing their corresponding developmental course may receive a grade of "P" for that course.  A grade of "P" will count as a successful completion of the course, but it will not be included in calculating the current semester GPA.  In order to be awarded a grade of "P," students must provide the instructor with official test scores demonstrating that they have met the passing standard.  Students also have the option of completing the course and receiving a letter grade, which will be included in calculating the current semester GPA.  Students are encouraged to continue attending the class and complete the course in order to be better prepared for college- level courses.

8 P Grade Policy (continued) : Note: P grades are not awarded automatically. It is important that you bring to your instructor a P Grade form signed by the Retention Specialist before you are awarded the P grade.

9 THEA vs. Accuplacer THEA ACCUPLACER Paper/pencil test 7 long selections with 6 questions each A total of 42 questions Tests 6 different reading objectives Results arrive about 2 weeks after taking the test Cost is $29 plus $15 sitting fee Computer test Very short selections (about 4 sentences each) with very high level questions A total of 20 questions Tests 3 major reading objectives Results are given immediately after taking the test Cost is $35/$45/$54

10 What you will need:  Required textbooks (2), plus  A good dictionary to bring to class with you  A novel – (to be discussed and announced)  Markers and/or a red pen  A folder with brads to keep all journal sheets  Hole puncher (optional)  An e-mail account  Computer /Internet access  A good attitude and an open mind

11 Mid Valley Campus Information p_Fall2011.pdf CLE hours ontact.html ontact.html Library hours: ons.aspx ons.aspx

12 Required Textbooks 1. Ten Steps to Advancing College Reading Skills, 5 th ed 2. Developmental Education Initiative (DEI) Reading 80 History packet 3. The Merriam Webster Dictionary

13 Things to remember: No ringing cellular phones, please No texting during class (you will receive only 1 warning, then if caught texting again, you will be asked to leave and will receive an absence for that class period and a zero for any work/tests occurring during that class time) All bags on the floor please No make up tests will be given unless arrangements are made PRIOR to the test date. I will NOT accept late work—don’t even ask Your absences are your responsibility; I will not tell you what you missed unless you ask me (please do not ask for this information during class. My contact information is listed on the class syllabus).

14 NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED If you are absent from class on the day that an assignment is due, have someone drop it off for you, fax it, or e-mail it to me on the day that it is due. Late work will not be accepted. If you are absent from class on a day that homework is assigned, it is your responsibility to find out what that assignment is and turn in it on time. “But I was absent on that day” will not be accepted as an excuse for late work. No late work will be accepted. There will be ample opportunities for earning extra credit throughout the semester. Please note and remember that you will be limited to a total of 50points.

15 Anyone with perfect attendance will be excused from the oral presentation required at the end of the semester! (not the final exam)

16 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 8am to 9:50 RDG 80 W01 A111 Lab 9am /A106 RDG 80 W02 A111 Lab 9am /A106 RDG 80 W01 A111 RDG 80 W02 A111 Department/Committee Meetings 10am to 11:50 RDG 80 W03 A111 Lab 11am/A106 RDG 80 W04 A111 Lab 11am/A106 RDG 80 W03 A111 RDG 80 W04 A111 12pm to 1:50 OFFICE 12-2:00 2pm to 3:50 RDG 80 W07/ 70 W05 A111 Lab 3pm/A106 RDG 80 W07/ 70W05 A111 4:00-5:00 OFFICE 4:00-5:00

17 Journals All students will be required to keep a journal. Journal writing will accompany the reading of a novel. You will be required to completely read one novel this semester: additional novels read will be worth extra credit at the end of the semester Points earned from journals will be worth more than any other assignment or test… If you do not keep up with your journal, you will not pass this class. Instructions for journals will be given before the first set of entries are due. Completing your journal each week will both keep your grade up and greatly improve your reading- it’s a win win situation!

18 THEA Opportunity

19 Reading 0080 grading procedure 65% classwork 10% final class projects 25% Final exam A class average of 70, will likely mean failing the semester. Keep your class average as high as possible! ClassworkFINAL Exam Final projects

20 Questions or concerns…  Office location: B202G  Phone number: 447-6622  E-mail:  Website:

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