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30 January – February 1,2013 Kingston, Jamaica The Statistical Institute of Jamaica.

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1 30 January – February 1,2013 Kingston, Jamaica The Statistical Institute of Jamaica

2 Institutional arrangements are critical in the development of an integrated economic statistics system Institutional arrangements will vary based on the statistical arrangements of the respective countries

3 Coordination in the Statistics System Legislative framework Organizational Structure Strategic Management Process Management Human & Financial Resources

4 Coordination among data producers, providers and users Use of advisory committees memorandums of understanding service level agreements cross-agency teams;

5 Jamaica has a decentralised statistics system – The major players are:- Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) Responsible for collecting, compiling, analyzing, abstracting and publishing statistical information relating to the commercial, industrial, social, economic and general activities and condition of the people

6 Ministry of Finance and Planning Responsible for producing government financial statistics including statistics on debt Bank of Jamaica Responsible for financial and monetary statistics and balance of payments Ministries, Departments and Agencies, for e.g. Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries – statistics on agriculture & fisheries Ministry of Education – statistics on education Ministry of Tourism – statistics on visitor expenditure and arrivals Ministry of National Security – statistics on crime

7 There is no governing legislation for a national statistics system in Jamaica No coordination at the national level and no standards throughout the system Exceptions Bank of Jamaica – Balance of Payments Ministry of Finance – Government Finance Statistics Jamaica Tourist Board- Tourism Expenditure

8 Statistics Act is currently being amended to incorporate the establishment of a national statistics system Assessment of the capacity of the MDAs in the production of official statistics and a user needs gap analysis of both private & public sectors

9 Meetings with agencies in the compilation of statistics on an ad hoc basis Service level agreements regarding the provision of data such as Tax Administration Jamaica Developing MOU with the Central Bank regarding the compilation of Trade in Services Statistics

10 The Statistics Act governs the operations of STATIN – not the entire statistics system Addresses responsibility of the Institute sets out the framework under which statistical information is collected, collated and disseminated issues of confidentiality

11 Proposed amendments to establish the Statistical Commission To establish the supremacy of the Act in relation to the collection of data Release of micro data

12 STATIN in the process of restructuring the organization to make it more flexible as the demand for statistical products increase To increase efficiencies in the business processes

13 Strategic Plan 2002-2005 documented and shared with staff Personnel & Organization Service Activities – client service culture, efficient business processes Technology Statistics programmes Funding of the organization

14 Draft 2012-2017 Strategic Plan Continuation of the modernization process started under previous plan Highlighted achievements of previous plan Analysis of targets not achieved –Lessons Learnt

15 STATIN has started the review of core statistical business processes and related quality assurance systems Value Chain was developed, demonstrates the connectivity and relatedness of the support systems to efficient delivery of statistical products and services to the clients of the Institute The Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) version 4.0 was used as a guide DQAF will be used as the standard to guide the documentation of metadata

16 Figure 1: Business Process Model

17 Figure 2: Levels 1& 2 of the Statistical Core Processes (as agreed July 10, 2012)

18 Strategic plans recognise the fact that one strength of STATIN resides in its corporate intellectual capacity Succession planning Plan to rotate staff at middle management to expose them to the other programmes Managerial training Training Threats facing the organization is inadequate budgetary support

19 Thank you

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