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3 Topics 33rd. Modification to Economy Department Rules
Central America Free Trade Agreement Modifications to Annex 1 (RCGMCE 2012) Agreement that reduces process in Economy Department. Health Department Restrictions Agreement

4 Economy Department Rules
September 3rd. 2012 Rule is modified to add that the Certificate of Origin of the Japan Agreement can be obtained thru the Ventanilla Unica. (VUCEM)

5 Economy Department Rules
Annex NOM´s Agreement The modifications to the HTS # come from the resent changes to the Import-Export Tariff, and others only to make clarification on the descriptions. It does not have any significant changes. Example: Reproductores de audio en tarjetas de memoria SD (secure digital), incluyendo los tipos diadema. Note: Before it said los tipos "de" diadema.

6 Economy Department Rules
Annex NOM´s Agreement Article 10. Exceptions to the application of NOM’s. (Definitive Imports) They add the figure of “responsible of the importation” it used to say only the importer. There is no definition, we are evaluating the implications. The exeptions are in section VIII of this article, they changed paragraph c) and d). c) Modifies the description of the exception with no significant change. The formats used need to be changed. d) They add the “packing” process as an exception. Important Note: IMMEX are not obligated to annex this declarations in the import process.

7 Central America Trade Agreement
August 31, 2012 “Decreto Promulgatorio del Tratado de Libre Comercio entre los Estados Unidos Mexicanos y las Repúblicas de Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras y Nicaragua, firmado en San Salvador, El Salvador, el veintidós de noviembre de dos mil once”, Same preferential duties established in the “Tratado de Libre Comercio del Triángulo del Norte” It includes the modifications to the Harmonized System 2012 (OMA) It was agreed one format for the Certificate of Origin Marking rulings are based on GATT

8 Customs Rules ANNEX 1 September 6th, 2012
“Declaraciones, Avisos y Formatos, Instructivos de llenado y trámite” Most of the changes come from the recent modification of responsabilities in SAT. Example: La Administración Central de Regulación Aduanera, por la Administración Central de Normatividad Aduanera.

9 Customs Rules ANNEX 1 Format "Impresión Simplificada del Pedimento"
In the lower part of this format it must print the following: Destino/origen: interior del país. (White) Destino/origen: región fronteriza.(Yellow) Destino/origen: franja fronteriza.(Green)

10 Economy Department Agreement
 September 24, 2012. Agreement that reduces time process in Ventanilla Unica. PROSEC Authorization: From 20 to 10 days PROSEC Modification: From 15 to 10 days Industrial IMMEX Authorization: From 15 to 10 days Validation of EUR1 Certificate of Origin: 1 day Validation of Certificate of Origin Colombia-Venezuela: 1 day Modification to IMMEX: Service: 5 days Subassembly: 5 days

11 Health Department Restrictions
October 16th, 2012 in effect October 30th. This agreement eliminates the one from 2007 and all modifications It establishes restrictions to importation and exportations by the Health Department (SSA) Existing permits continue to be effective, consider the HTS translations. The formats and requirements for the application of this permits will be published in the SSA website. (COFEPRIS) I recommend to review this publication in detail.

12 Ricardo Rebeil (619) Office (858) Cel.


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