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Classification Systems and the System of National Accounts (SNA) 2008

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1 Classification Systems and the System of National Accounts (SNA) 2008
Research, Design and Evaluation Division Statistical Institute of Jamaica

2 Classifications used in the SNA 2008
The 2008 SNA utilizes several major classification systems including the following: Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) Classification by Broad Economic Categories (BEC) Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose (COICOP) Central Product Classification (CPC) International Classification of Status in Employment (ICSE) International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC)

3 ISIC Rev. 4 The ISIC classification is used to develop the production account and the generation of income accounts by industry. ISIC provides the basis for the construction of the survey framework that is the Business Register. Several other social indicators are also compiled by industry and therefore utilize ISIC.

4 The Jamaica Industrial Classification
The Jamaica Industrial Classification (JIC) 2005 is a national adaptation of ISIC Rev. 3.1 and was published in 2008. The JIC maps into the ISIC usually down to the Class (4-digit) level. JIC adds another level - the Sub-Class – which is the most detailed level of the classification. It is denoted by a five-digit code. This additional layer of detail better reflects the structure of economic activities at the national level.

5 ISIC Rev. 3.1 JIC 2005 Section A - Agriculture, Hunting and Forestry
Division Agriculture, Hunting and Related Service Activities Group Growing of Crops; Market Gardening; Horticulture Class Growing of Fruit, Nuts, Beverage and Spice Crops JIC 2005 Section A - Agriculture, Hunting and Forestry Division Agriculture, Hunting and Related Service Activities Group Growing of Crops; Market Gardening; Horticulture Class 0116 – Growing of Spice Crops Sub-Class – Growing of Pimento 01162 – Growing of Ginger 01163 – Growing of Pepper 01164 – Growing of Thyme 01169 – Growing of Culinary Herbs and other Spice Crops

6 Revision Procedure Establish a Revision Committee with the requisite Terms of Reference & Implementation Schedule Review and update the classification in accordance with the revised Structure of ISIC Develop detailed Structure (up to the 5-digit level) Verify the existence of the activities classified Prepare Conversion Tables; Classification Index and related Explanatory Notes Train coding staff (Business Register) Assign revised JIC codes to all establishments on Business Register.

7 Proposed Implementation Schedule
Implementation of the revision is scheduled for Q – Q (Focus on revision of Structure and Conversion tables) ISIC Rev. 4 Proposed Completion Sections A - C October 2013 Sections D - I March 2014 Sections J – O September 2014 Sections P – U December 2014

8 Areas of Major Changes Section D – Manufacturing
Six clusters of activity in Manufacturing have been elevated to Division status Reorganization and condensation of five divisions (Mfg of Machinery and Equipment) down to three. The disaggregation of Section K – Real Estate, Renting and Business Activities into three independent Sections: Real Estate Activities Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities Administrative and Support Service Activities

9 Areas of Major Changes The disaggregation of Section O – Other Community, Social and Personal Service Activities Section O was regrouped into 2 new sections and a number of activities elevated to the Division level. The new sections are: Arts, entertainment and recreation (Section R) Other service activities (Section S) The new Section J – Information and Communication The new Section J consists of 6 Divisions that cover: Publishing activities including software publishing (division 58) from Mfg. Motion picture and sound recording activities (division 59) from Other Community… Radio and TV broadcasting and programming activities (division 60) from Other Community… Telecommunications activities (division 61) from Transport… Information technology activities (division 62) from Real Estate.. Information service activities (division 63) from Real Estate..

10 Special Challenges Dedicated Staff - A minimum of two (2) Statisticians required. Steep learning curve for all new staff assigned. Verification of new activities required. Harmonization of Statistical series based on ISIC Rev. 4 is required for the production of Integrated Economic Statistics. Staff of the Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) may require technical support to expedite the transition to ISIC Rev. 4.

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