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MEASURE Evaluation DATIM Data Exchange Denise Johnson

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1 MEASURE Evaluation DATIM Data Exchange Denise Johnson
May 29, 2015 OpenHIE Architecture Community Call

2 What is DATIM? PEPFAR-specific version of DHIS2
Supports aggregated data reporting from community and facility level through national and global rollup Launched in January 2015 Currently covers 50 countries

3 DATIM Reporting via MOH

4 DATIM Reporting via IPs
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5 Current state: data exchange
Data import using DHIS2 native APIs CSV, JSON or XML (DxF) formats Defined governance process A number of countries in April and May 2015

6 Future state: data exchange
Standards-based “Discovery” services for metadata exchange Preconfigured distros available for implementing partners and MOH October 1, 2015 is the future!

7 DATIM and OpenHIE Workflows and reference technologies
Country-owned health information systems Contributions to the OpenHIE communities

8 DATIM Use Cases Initializing and refreshing in-country systems with DATIM code lists (sites, mechanisms, indicators) Allowing authorized systems to make site list changes Synchronizing country MFLs with DATIM site list Automated submission of target and result data (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual)

9 Workflow

10 DATIM Engineering Viewpoint

11 Architecture Questions
What questions do you have for us? Existing workflows? Enhanced workflows? New workflows? New registries – mechanisms, indicators? Site registry and federation? What else should we be asking?

12 MEASURE Evaluation is funded by the U. S
MEASURE Evaluation is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) under terms of Cooperative Agreement AID-OAA-L and implemented by the Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in partnership with Futures Group, ICF International, John Snow, Inc., Management Sciences for Health, and Tulane University. The views expressed in this presentation do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States government.

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