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State of Water Statistics in Jamaica Regional Workshop on Water Accounting 16–18 July 2007 Santo Domingo.

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1 State of Water Statistics in Jamaica Regional Workshop on Water Accounting 16–18 July 2007 Santo Domingo

2 'Land of Wood and Water' The Tainos, who inhabited Jamaica before the Spanish and the English, called the island 'Xaymaca' which means the 'Land of Wood and Water'.

3 Legislation The Water Resources Act of 1995 stated that 'It shall be the duty of the Water Resources Authority (WRA) to regulate, allocate, conserve and otherwise manage the water resources of Jamaica.' The Jamaica Water Sector Policy 2004 states the responsibilities of the different agencies which provide water services.

4 Legislation (contd) NWC Act 1963 amended 2004 Flood Control Act Linkages to other policies and Acts such as the National Forest Management and Conservation Plan the National Watershed Policy the Office of Utilities Regulation Act 1995 the National Irrigation Development Plan the Ministry of Water and Housing Strategic Framework the National Land Policy the National Industrial Policy

5 Water Resources Authority Since April 1996, the Water Resources Authority (WRA) has had responsibility for the regulation, control and management of the nations water resources. It is the sole water management agency in Jamaica. Has responsibility for the allocation of water resources and oversees the withdrawal of ground water from over 640 wells across the island.

6 Other Agencies National Water Commission is responsible for the urban water supply throughout the island. It is also the largest provider of sewerage services. National Irrigation Corporation is currently responsible for the operation of irrigation systems. National Environment & Planning Agency is the environmental management agency and is responsible for monitoring water quality under its Watershed Branch. The ministry responsible for water establishes the water policy along with the other water agencies.

7 Simplified Water Resources Cycle Source: Caribbean Natural Resources Institute

8 Competition for water sources Protection of surface water from pollution sources Groundwater contamination Unreliable and insufficient water supplies during the dry season Poor water quality at source High treatment costs Lack of convenient access to potable water by rural households Reliance on untreated water from streams and rivers by significant proportion of poor Resistance to increasing the price paid for water Water Issues

9 Environment Statistics 2005 and Water Some information in this publication: ³ Watersheds ³ Water balance ³ Sources of water ³ Freshwater consumption ³ Water pollution ³ Conservation measures ³ Water standards Also includes other statistics relating to the environment.

10 Water Balance Average Annual Water Balance, 1990 and 2005, million m 3 /year Source: Water Resources Authority

11 Annual Water Production and Revenue by the NIC (2003/04–2005/06)

12 Annual Water Demand by Sector, 2004 Source: Water Resources Authority

13 Data on Domestic Water 2004–2006

14 The NWC collects wastewater and sewage from over 600,000 customers across the island. Wastewater is treated and used for irrigation and to cool electricity generating plants. This data is not currently being collected. Wastewater

15 Water Use by Sector Estimated Economic Contribution and Water Use by Sector, 2005

16 Environment Protection Expenditure Objective of the EPE Survey The aim of the EPE survey is to determine the annual cost of protecting the environment which is incurred by enterprises in selected sectors. In this survey, the environmental protection activities were classified into four domains as follows: Protection of surrounding air Wastewater management Solid waste management Protection of soil, ground water or surface water

17 Expenditure on EPE, 2004

18 National Accounts National accounts are prepared in the central statistics office – the Statistical Institute of Jamaica. The national accounts calculations are derived from volume of water produced & consumed and sales and revenue from the NWC. Data from private water suppliers are not now being included. Sales of water for agriculture are included under agricultural services. Jamaica is in the process of implementing the 1993 SNA and is preparing a supply/use table based on 2000 data. There are no plans to implement environmental accounting.

19 Gross Domestic Product by Industry in Producers' Values 2004–2006

20 Thank you.

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