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Hello UMD from Cirrus Aircraft

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1 Hello UMD from Cirrus Aircraft

2 Brief History of Cirrus
Cirrus founded in 1984 Began development of the VK-30 in 1988 Began development of ST50 in 1992 1996 – First SR20 flight - Prototype 1st SR20 delivered in 1999 1st SR22 delivered in 2001 Production reaches 2/day in 2002 Production reaches 12/week in 2004 Production reaches 16/week in 2006 Cirrus Vision “SF50” introduced June 2007 1984 – Cirrus Design Corporation was founded by two brothers, Alan & Dale Klapmeier. Alan and Dale started in their family barn in Baraboo, Wisconsin. VK-30: Development of their first aircraft (This was a kit plane that people could buy and build themselves) ST50: Developed for an Israeli company. Was a turbo prop (turbine engine driving a propeller) (Israviation ran out of money. ST50 never made production) Moves Had planned to go to Grand Forks, North Dakota Aviation industry had a history of failure – Grand Forks was nervous. Gary Doty (former Mayor, Duluth) – “If Grand Forks falls through, I want you in Duluth!” Moved to Duluth - Started Research & Development (R&D) for the SR series 1999 – First SR20 delivery – Walt Connely, White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

3 VK30 Kit plane 4-Passenger
ST50 Designed for Israviation 5-Passenger Models VK30 - Baraboo, kit plane (buy and build yourself) 4 passenger Very futuristic for it’s time ST50 – Duluth, meant for production Design and execution by Cirrus Design under contract for Israeli Air Industries Five passenger (business class aircraft – huge/wide!) Turbo-prop (jet engine turning a propeller) Israviation Paid us to design/test fly/prove the aircraft We then took it apart, put it in a crate & shipped it to Israel Israviation never certified it – as they underestimated their costs & ran out of money We eventually bought the design back

4 Cirrus Product Line

5 Cirrus Facilities Total all locations: 435,372 sq ft
Duluth Production Facility 195, 201 sq/ft Minnesota: Duluth Production Facility Built in 1993 Expansions in 1997 & 2006 Total sq/ft 195,201 Office – 35,886 sq ft Production – 15,315 sq ft Total all locations: 435,372 sq ft Duluth Customer Center 70,671 sq/ft Duluth Customer Center Built in 2002 Total sq/ft 70,671 Office – 20,754 sq ft Production – 49,917 sq ft Grand Forks Facility 169,500 sq/ft North Dakota: Grand Forks Facility Built in 1997 Expansion in 2006 Total sq/ft 169,486 Office – 10,050 sq ft Production – 159, 436 sq ft

6 The Only Certified Aircraft with a Parachute
Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™) Safety System for Use in Life-threatening Situations 80 Lives Saved As of November 2013

7 January 7, 2012: Andros Island, Bahamas

8 Worldwide Service and Support
192 Service Centers Worldwide 145 Domestic - 47 International

9 Foreign Certification – Allows Cirrus to export to these countries
Argentina - Australia - Austria - Bangladesh - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Canada - Chile - China Columbia - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany Greece - Guatemala - Hungary - Iceland - India - Indonesia - Ireland - Israel - Italy – Japan Korea - Latvia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxemburg - Malawi - Malaysia - Malta - Mexico Morocco - Namibia - New Zealand - Norway - Panama - Philippines - Poland - Portugal Romania - Russia - S. Africa - San Marino - Singapore - Slovak Republic - Slovenia - Spain Sweden - Switzerland - Taiwan - Thailand - Netherlands - Tunisia - Turkey - UAE - United Kingdom - Venezuela

10 International Shipping Process
Reassembly centers in China and Australia Containerized shipping is used to deliver aircraft overseas. Aircraft is certified here in Duluth, then disassembled and loaded into a shipping container. Aircraft are then reassembled and tested at one of three reassembly centers (England, Australia, or china) with plans to expand to more reassembly centers.

11 Cirrus Employment Opportunities
Currently hiring for jet manufacturing Summer Internships – apply on-line About 20% of prior interns got F.T. offers Cirrus has UMD grads in Engineering, Accounting, H.R. Quality Assurance, Marketing, I.T., Sales, etc. About 20% of past hires were new grads Some International Job Opportunities too Unique Benefit = Cirrus Flying Club For your safety & the quality of our product

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