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Leadership in Management

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1 Leadership in Management
Chapter 8 Leadership in Management

2 Leadership Qualities Leadership means providing direction and vision for a company. Being a manager (or the person in charge) isn’t the same thing as being a leader. Several qualities to be a good leader: 1. Initiative = the desire to take action and get things done

3 Leadership Qualities 2. Confidence -- Self-confidence means more than acting sure of yourself. It means actually knowing what you’re doing. 3. Communication -- human relations is the ability to communicate with people 4. Integrity = holding to principles like honesty, loyalty, and fairness. You’re not born with self-confidence, vision, and the ability to communicate. These qualities are learned through knowledge and expertise.

4 Types of Leadership 3 basic types of leadership. Different leaders have different styles. 1. Autocratic leadership is when you like to run everything yourself and answer to no one. Autocratic means self-ruling. You make all the decisions without consulting anyone. An autocratic leader is useful in situations when it’s important to obey orders without question. Fire fighters, combat troops, and police often have to deal with emergencies where there’s no time to consult

5 Types of Leadership Continued
2. Democratic leadership means that managers and employees work together to make decisions. Everyone meets, discusses a situation, and listens to everyone’s opinion. New ideas are encouraged. As a democratic leader you still make the final decisions, but you explain your reasons to everyone.

6 Types of Leadership Continued
3. Free-rein leadership requires the leader to set goals for your managers and employees and then leave them alone to get the job done. Delegating = Giving managers and employees the power to run things and make decisions

7 Self-Managed Teams Self-managed teams = work groups that supervise themselves. Started in Japan and came to the United States 30 years ago Autocratic was the main style of leadership. Now companies are switching to democratic, and going even further with free-reign leadership and self-managed teams. The role of the manager is being replaced by the role of the team leader.

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