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课标人教实验版 高一 Module 2 Unit 2 惠阳中山中学 高 三 级 徐 洪 华. Listening.

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1 课标人教实验版 高一 Module 2 Unit 2 惠阳中山中学 高 三 级 徐 洪 华

2 Listening

3 Revision Check the homework. Listening The Story of Atlanta (P15)

4 Task 2: Read the statements quickly and guess which can be the possible general idea of the story. (Ex 2) Task 1: Lead-in (revision). Listen for the first time. Answer: 4.

5 The correct Order: 4 -11-7 - 5 - 1- 3 -9 – 6 -10- 8 -2 Work in pairs and discuss the answers. Listen for the second time and finish Ex. 1 & Ex. 3.

6 Hippomenes was standing waiting and when Atlanta came out she thought, “ ________________________. His death __________________ ___ !” So she said to her father, “_________________. The race I don’t want this man to die will not be caused by me Tell him to go away

7 _________________.” But Hippomenes said, “ She has said it: ____________________ ___________________________ __________________________.” won’t be run today she will be married to the man who runs faster than her. Come on now! Let’s run!

8 So the next day the race began. Hippomenes was standing waiting and when Atlanta came out she thought, “I do not want this man to die. His death will not be caused by me!” So she said to her father, Listening text

9 “Tell him to go away. The race will not be run today.” But Hippomenes said, “she has said it: she will be married to the man who runs faster than her. Come on now! Let’s run!” Atlanta ran and Hippomenes ran too. He ran very fast but even so Atlanta ran faster.

10 Soon she was in front of him. Then Hippomenes threw one of the golden apples. It went over her head and fell to the side of Atlanta. She stopped and had to run to get it. Hippomenes ran by Atlanta looked up and she saw him in front.

11 So she ran faster past than the fastest bird. She came near! Then she flew past him and was in front again. Again he threw another apple over her head and to the side. Again she stopped to pick it up. When she reached Hippomenes the third time, he threw the third apple so far to the side that she had further to go.

12 She saw it and wanted it. So she ran and picked it up. By that time Hippomenes was tired and could not run so fast. He was not so far in front. Atlanta ran fast but the apples were heavy and she could catch up with him. So Hippomenes

13 won the race and married Atlanta. Thanks to the Goddess they lived happily ever after.

14 Task 1: Leading-in (1)Do you know there is an event called “Marathon”? (2)Do you think there was such an event in ancient Olympics? The Marathon was a modern event that was first introduced Listening (P48)

15 in the 1896 Olympic Games. The distance is 26 miles 385 yards or 42,195 kilometres. It’s a race in honor of Phidippides, an ancient runner. In the 5th century B.C, the Persians attacked Greece at Marathon near Athens. Phidippides

16 The Greeks were very worried and didn’t know what to do. They sent Phidippides to Sparta to ask for help for the battle…

17 Task 2: Listen to get the main idea. Task 3: Listen again and fill in the blanks.

18 (1) In ancient Athens, the only way to send messages was by ________. (2) In all it took Phidippides ______ to run to Sparta for help, but his journey was ______. (3) The battle against the Persians was hard but at last the Athens a runner 3 days useless

19 won, because the Persians were too ________. (4) When Phidippides arrived, he could hardly________ and then fell down _____. (5) Every four years there is a race called the Marathon from _________ to _______. confident breathe dead Marathon Athens

20 Task 4: Answer the questions. 1.How many journeys did Phidippides make? Two. One to Sparta and back; one to Athens. 2. Why did he have to run to Sparta so fast? This was the only way to get help quickly as there were no telephones, faxes or e-mails.

21 3. What did he do as well as run? He also fought in the Battle of Marathon against the Persians.

22 4. Why did they ask him to run fast from Marathon to Athens after the battle? They knew the people of Athens would be worried and they wanted them to know the good news.

23 5. How is he remembered? He is remembered with a race in the Olympic Games which is as long as his run from Marathon to Athens.

24 Prometheus is credited with bringing enlightenment to humans. Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humankind, bringing the power of warmth and light to the dark and miserable earth. Prometheus acted against the express wishes of the Olympian Gods, who wanted to keep the power of fire - enlightenment - for their exclusive use. Prometheus Listening (P51)

25 luminosityjustice peacesolidificationfriendship 友谊 光明 公正 和平 团结

26 Task 1: Leading-in What can you see in the picture? Task 2: Read the statements and listen to the tape for information.

27 Task 3: Number the events and discuss them in pairs. Answers: 5 – 7 – 2 – 1 – 6 – 3 – 4 - 8

28 Listening text I am the torch that lights the Olympic fire and starts every modern Olympic Games. I always begin my journey in Greece from Olympia where the ancient Games were first held. I am usually lit by the sun there and carried by many runners from different countries.

29 Many people come to watch as I travel through their country to the host city. It is a great honor to carry me, and many athletes hope they will get a chance to do so. The greatest honor is to be the last athlete who carries me into the stadium where the Games will be held and lights the Olympic fire.

30 That fire will burn for the whole period of the Games and will only be put out when the Games end. I enjoy being part of so much sporting friendship. There are now special Olympics for people with physical difficulties and for those with learning difficulties. Everybody can join in if

31 they try hard enough! I have seen many good things happen. In 1936 I saw a German jumper, Luz Long, help his friend, Jesse Owens, from the American team. He told him that his run for the long jump did not start from the correct place. So Jesse Owens put it right and won the gold medal.

32 The German team was not happy that they only got the silver medal because of that. I am always happy when new countries win Olympic medals. I was so excited when the African countries began to win medals for running in 1968 and again when the Chinese Team

33 came third in the medals table in the Sydney Olympics in 2000. I am proud to be a bridge between the ancient and the modern Olympic Game. Long may they continue!

34 Finish the exercises on the workbook. Homework

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