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Business Model for an Industrial development agency

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1 Business Model for an Industrial development agency
Conceive Develop Test Implement Analyze

2 What is business model an abstract representation of an organization, be it conceptual, textual, and/or graphical, of all core interrelated architectural, co- operational, and financial arrangements designed and developed by an organization presently and in the future, as well all core products and/or services the organization offers, or will offer, based on these arrangements that are needed to achieve its strategic goals and objectives

3 How to develop a business model
Just answer the questions in the next slide. The Slide 3 is the sample completed for a industrial development agency. To improve the business model the remaining slides talks about IDA Ireland and SIVA two of successful industrial development agencies

4 Template for developing business model

5 Create the business model
VALUE PROPOSITIONS CHANNELS CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS SEGMENTS REVENUE STREAMS COST STRUCTURE KEY PARTNERS RESOURCES ACTIVITIES Customers in government Foreign companies willing to transfer technology Engineering consulting companies To attract customers for local manufacturers To find reliable foreign partners for technology transfer We act as management consultant for customers in government and companies eligible for work in new industries our customers seek help in finding markets (their customers ) finding joint ventures for technology transfer and investment Government which wants to creates jobs and make foundation for new industries The companies interested in working in new industries>> Having good connections in government to find customers and markets Having experience in finding reliable foreign partners Having experiences in technology transfer We perform feasibility studies in which we search for eligible and capable companies to start working in new industries Our connections in government and our experiences in finding reliable foreign partners for technology transfer and guaranteeing customer/market considering our connections in government and big sate-owned companies To get paid for specialists and management consultant

6 IDA Ireland IDA Ireland is the agency responsible for industrial development in Ireland. Over the past 60 years IDA Ireland has evolved to become a global force in attracting FDI to Ireland and a key influencer in the development of the Irish economy and its reputation abroad. IDA Ireland's current strategy is based on a policy of attracting investors from a range of industry sectors who are seeking the best location for their Advanced Manufacturing, Global Business Services and R&D operations. You can find further information about our strategy in IDA Ireland Strategy - Horizon 2020 (PDF)

7 What organisations assist companies setting up in Ireland?
IDA Ireland - IDA supports a range of overseas companies from small high growth businesses to large multinationals. Enterprise Ireland- This is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets, as well as start-ups from outside Ireland. Local Enterprise Boards - The Local Enterprise boards support small businesses with 10 employees or less by providing grants and advice.

8 How IDA help SERVICES: As Ireland's Foreign Direct Investment Promotion Agency, IDA Ireland provides a range of support and services to help foreign companies quickly establish and develop their operations in Ireland. GLOBAL TEAMS: If you are seeking to establish business operations abroad you will obviously want to talk to people who are knowledgeable about your sector and have local knowledge and experience. That's why we have sector specialists working globally in teams to give you the information and make the connections you need. Information: IDA provides information on tax, skills, education and research programmes, labour law, investment opportunities, operating costs, infrastructure, support services, etc. IDA Ireland also compiles information and statistics on key business sectors and regional locations in Ireland. Further reports on FDI in Ireland, including activities such as R&D and the overall economy, are also regularly produced. An important aspect of the work of IDA Ireland is connecting companies with the right property in the right place. Our portfolio of Business and Technology parks in strategic locations, along with a selection of privately owned properties, gives a host of options to potential investors.

9 How IDA help The Experience
We pride ourselves on the experience we offer potential investors who visit Ireland. From introductions to other FDI companies and site visits to property locations, banks and regulators — whatever is required — we will ensure you leave excited about the potential for your business in Ireland. GRANTS & FUNDING Funding and grants are available to those considering foreign direct investment in Ireland. These are offered to both new and existing clients. All funding is negotiated on a case by case basis in compliance with EU and Irish legislation. Capital & Employment The level and availability of support is dependent on location and size of the company. Training Grants Available across the country to develop the competitive capabilities of companies already located in Ireland.

10 SIVA: Industrial Development Corporation of Norway or SIVA (Norwegian: Selskapet for industrivekst)
is a Norwegian state enterprise responsible for government investment in incubators, science parks, industrial parks and real estate through partial ownership of other companies. The ultimate goal is to stimulate economic growth, through strengthening Norway's capacity related to innovation and creativity. SIVA is based in Trondheim, where it employs almost 40 people. Through its investments there are about 8,000 employees in total. Investments include 46 industry and business parks in Norway, one in Russia, one in Latvia and two in Lithuania. It also holds partial ownership of 15 science- and 10 research parks, 20 incubators, 45 business gardens, 12 venture capital institutions and 4 research and development companies. SIVA cooperates closely with the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway.

11 How SIVA Helps? SIVA facilitate innovation by building, owning and developing infrastructure for industry, startups and research environments. We invest in real estate and commercial property, reducing the risk for new entrants where market mechanisms makes this particularly demanding. We have ownership in innovation companies across the country. We develop knowledge and startup environments, and connect them to regional, national and international networks. The partner network supports and supervises several thousand entrepreneurs and startups.

12 Web links IDA Ireland SIVA

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