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Descriptive Writing Tell Me All About It Copying permitted.

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1 Descriptive Writing Tell Me All About It Copying permitted

2 What is descriptive writing? Copying permitted Descriptive writing uses sensory details to paint a mental picture of a person, place, thing, or event.

3 What are sensory details? They are details that appeal to the five senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. They help descriptions come alive in the reader’s mind. Copying permitted

4 How do I choose a topic for a descriptive paragraph? Think about interesting people you know. Think about favorite places you’ve been. Think about an object you know a lot about. Copying permitted

5 What is a topic sentence? The topic sentence names your topic. It is the first sentence in the paragraph.

6 What are the body sentences? Body sentences include the details of the topic. They use sensory details to describe the person, place, thing, or event. Copying permitted

7 What is the closing sentence? The closing sentence ends the description. It is the last sentence in the paragraph. Copying permitted

8 Invitation to Read Read the following descriptive paragraph. See if you can find all the sensory details. Can you find the topic, body, and closing sentences? Copying permitted

9 My Grandmother My grandma’s name is Wanda, but I call her “Nana.” She has short, white hair. Her hair was blonde when she was younger. She likes to wear green and blue dresses. She has a fun, loud laugh. She makes Thanksgiving dinner for us every year. She has strong arms and likes to give big hugs. Nana is the greatest. Copying permitted

10 Invitation to Write List three people you know well. Choose one to write about. List details of what he or she looks like, sounds like, and likes to do. Use these details to write a descriptive paragraph about your person. Copying permitted

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