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Birth Registration and Early Learning

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1 Birth Registration and Early Learning

2 Goals and Indicators


4 Methodological issues
Reasons for not registration need to be adapted to the particular conditions of the country In MICS2, many responses were just “OTHER”, which is of not use if not coded into a usable category (either existing or new) Importance of the subject for disparities among disadvantaged groups Additional analysis needed in countries with high levels of registration compared to vital registration data

5 Goals and Indicators


7 Methodological issues
These information is important to complete the education profile for all children 3-17 years Note that this data is obtained in the children’s questionnaire, while the data for children 5-17 is obtained in the household questionnaire The data can be merged to produce just one analysis This procedure to be cover in the remaining MICS3 workshops Little analysis has been done with this data, specially data on the number of hours that the child has attended during the last 7 days

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