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1 Denver Public Schools Student Based Budgeting (a.k.a. SBB) November 10, 2010.

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1 1 Denver Public Schools Student Based Budgeting (a.k.a. SBB) November 10, 2010

2 Agenda 2 Denver Public Schools

3  SBB was implemented for Fiscal Year 2007-2008  District goals for the implementation: Provide transparency to dollars allocated to schools Demonstrate that dollars follow the students Ability to explain why total budget dollars differ between years for an individual school or how dollars differ between schools Enhance the flexibility of resource utilization by schools When and Why did DPS move to SBB? 3 Denver Public Schools School Levels # of Students $ per Student Program $ First, Identify the school level (ES, K- 8, MS, 6-12, HS) Second, project the school total, free lunch, MM and ELL enrollment Third, calculate the $ per pupil for base, FRL, MM, Title I, Mill Levy and Student Services Fourth, define school program $ for Early Ed, ELL and Table X

4 *Examples of Central Budgets: Food Services, Center Programs, MS/HS Athletics, Transportation, Technology SBB Basic Methodology 4 Denver Public Schools Central budgets in support of schools * General Fund Mill Levy Early Education State Grants (ELPA) Federal Grants (Title I, II, III) Which funds are allocated to the schools in SBB?

5  Budget and staff based on individual needs of the school  Flexibility in classroom staffing ratios  Easier to convert resources to different uses when the budget plan changes  Increased ability to fund staff development  Use of funds has become more discretionary in nature (instructional vs. admin, ML Facilitators etc.) What Flexibility Do Schools Have? 5 Denver Public Schools

6 SBB Funding Schedule FY10-11 6 Denver Public Schools

7 SBB Allocation Descriptions  Base  Base – use of these funds is discretionary and supports all students  Mild/Moderate  Mild/Moderate – to support the school’s mild moderate population  Specialized (student) Service Days  Specialized (student) Service Days – to provide nurse and mental health (psychologist and social worker) support for all students  Free Lunch Supplemental Funds (at-risk)  Free Lunch Supplemental Funds (at-risk) – to support the school’s at- risk population  Title I  Title I – supplemental funds to address “additional” needs at schools with high Free and Reduced Lunch population  English Language Learners  English Language Learners – to support the students of English Language Acquisition  Targeted Interventions  Targeted Interventions – to support all students in schools identified as “Accredited on Probation” in the School Performance Framework  Extra Allocations (Table X)  Extra Allocations (Table X) – Staff resources to support schools with specialized programs – IB, Montessori and Arts  Gifted and Talented  Gifted and Talented – to support the students identified as gifted and talented 7 Denver Public Schools

8 The Budget Cycle 8 Denver Public Schools School Begins Fall Adjustments Budget Review / Development Prep Financial State of the District Enrollment Projections for Next School Year Board Retreat Identify Cuts (if necessary) Finalize and Communicate SBB Allocations Budget forms sent to Principals Budget Development 1 on 1 with Principal, Financial Partner and HR Partner Collaborative School Committee Review and Approve Teacher Staffing Post Vacant Positions Final Budget Forms submitted to Budget Office Approve District Budget Board Action School Action September December January February March May - June

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