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Health Services Located in the Potter Building: 6 Butterfield Road.

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1 Health Services Located in the Potter Building: 6 Butterfield Road

2 Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 8 am – 8pm Saturday-Sunday (and Holidays) 10 am- 4 pm

3 Physician and Pharmacy Availability: Physicians are available from 12 pm-4 pm. The pharmacy is available from 12:30 pm- 4 pm.

4 To Make an Appointment With a Provider: Call 401-874-2675 (for new illness/condition) Call 401-874-4763 (for follow up) Appointments are scheduled from 9-7:15 pm Monday through Friday.

5 What happens when a student walks in to make an appointment? At front desk, secretary will ask for name and ID number. Then they will ask why the student is visiting (symptoms/conditions). Information will then be stored in system. Registered Nurse will determine how quickly student will be seen. They might ask the student to make an appointment for later in the day or maybe even the next day.

6 Costs Included in your tuition for URI is a Health Service fee. This means all students are allowed to have access to services provided by Health Services.

7 What does the Health Service fee provide students? Routine office visits with providers. Ambulance and Emergency Transport services (provided by URI EMS). Pharmacy: over the counter medicine and some acute care prescriptions. Also, Self Cold Care Center. * Everything stated above is free upon visit because as a student, you already paid for it in tuition cost.

8 Costs Continued No student or parent will be charged to see a provider. Instead, their insurance company will be billed. If insurance company refuses to pay the fee for a visit with a physician, the bill will then just be wrote off (aka dropped). Sometimes, insurance companies will choose to pay all of the fee or a certain percentage. Health Services will accept the payment.

9 Costs Continued If lab service or X-rays are needed, there needs to be payment. Fees will be pursued. If insurance will not cover lab or X-ray fees, student is responsible for payment.

10 The Pharmacy: Will provide most OTC products at no charge! The is a limited formulary of medications available. This means HS selected certain drugs for various medication classifications. For non-OTC products, payment must be immediate. Insurance co-pay will be applied if applicable. You will receive an outside prescription for items the pharmacy does not carry.

11 The Pharmacy Continued: Self Care Cold Center If you have cold symptoms and do not want to wait, you can walk over to the pharmacy and have them assess your condition as well as take your temperature. Then you can fill out a form requesting OTC cold remedies. The pharmacy staff will then will provide the OTC supplies (if actually needed). *This is great if you don’t want to wait for hours in the waiting room for a simple cold confirmation!

12 Specialty Clinics: Students also have access to dermatologists, gynecologists, internal medicine physicians, psychiatrists, and surgeons. *See a HS provider first. Have to be referred.

13 The Women’s Clinic: 401-874-5151 Open from 9am to 3:30 pm Monday –Friday. Provide routine gynecological examinations, pap smears, and laboratory tests. Also provide consultations for infections, pregnancy testing, and contraceptive needs.

14 Mental Health Services: Students will be referred to the Counseling Center located in Roosevelt Hall. Psychologists from center have to refer student to psychiatrist. Counseling Center 401-874-2288. Eating problems, depression, stress, adjustment problems, and other related areas.

15 Health Education and Nutrition Counseling: 401-874-5954 Located in the basement of the Potter Building. 9-3:30 pm Monday through Friday. Provide peer education, health promotion, and nutrition outreach programs. Individual counseling appointments are available with Nutrition Services. *If you have food allergies, you can contact Nutrition Services for information about food (and food products )used in dining halls.

16 Emergency Care: 401-874-2121 Serious illness or injury call URI EMS. Student will then be transported to South County Hospital.

17 Health Insurance: To be a student here at URI, you have to have health insurance. You should know what insurance plan you have and what they provide. Useful terms/information: Deductible-out of pocket payment before insurance will pay fees. Coverage- amount of money insurance will pay for a fee (to a certain degree). Prior Authorization- Managed plans might need authorization to meet with physicians. Also, authorization might be needed for lab and X-ray work. Without authorization, students may subject to fees. Out of area treatment- can cause fees to change.

18 Sources: Heath Services Packet To Your Health 2012-2013- The University of Rhode Island Heath Services- Interview with Director of Heath Services: Charles Henderson III

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