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School Life.

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1 School Life

2 What’s the time? It’s …… o’clock.

3 Put in: at, on, in, after, before.
1.Pete gets up ….. 7 o’ clock in the morning. 2. We clean our teeth … the morning. 3.They play leapfrog …..classes. 4. ….. Sunday we shall go to the zoo. 5. We never drink coffee ….class. 6. We always meet …….classes in the morning.

4 Read the Proverb and Give Russian Equivalent. Then Learn the Proverb.
It' never to late to learn.

5 Group 1 Group2 Group3 Answer the Question 1.How old is Santi?
2.Where does he live? 3. When does his school start? 4.Why does Santi go to school at half past 6? 5. Yow many pupils are there in Santi’s class? 6. What do pupils do before classes? 7.What uniform does Santi wear? 8. Why do the girls put on T-shirts and shorts in the classroom? 9.What does Santi do after classes? Group2 True, false or don’t know? 1.Santi is from Central America. 2.School starts at 6.30 in the morning. 3. Santi comes to school early because he wants to get a desk near the teacher’s table. 4.He always wears his school uniform. 5.The school uniform is a T-shirt and shorts. 6. He plays football after classes. Group3 Put these sentences in the correct order . 1.After classes Santi plays football. 2.They wear school uniforms but when in class they can wear T – shirt and shorts. 3.Santi likes school very much and always comes there very early. 4. A school day starts with singing before classes. 5.The pupils play in the playground before classes.

6 We met on Sunday We met on Sunday, the first of July.
We talked on Monday, the second of July. On Sunday we met and on Monday we talked, That was the second of July. We smiled on Tuesday, the third of July. On Sunday we met and on Monday we talked, On Tuesday we smiled, on the third of July. We laughed on Wednesday, the fourth of July. On Sunday we met and on Monday we talked. On Tuesday we smiled and on Wednesday we laughed On the fourth of July.

7 Look at the pictures and say: A) what they usually do at the time and b) what they are doing now.

8 Write the right words: 1.A lesson where we make something with our hands ……. 2.A lesson where we study numbers……. 3. The day of the week which comes after Friday…….. 4. The day of the week which comes before Thursday…. 5. The thing, at which pupils sit in class……. 6.A thing which pupils wear at school…… 7. A thing which we can draw with…….. 8.A lesson where pupils draw….. 9.A place where we usually sit at desks and have classes….. 10. The day of the week which comes before Sunday…… 11. A thing where pupils can see their lesson….. Key: 1. Handicraft. 2.Maths. 3.Saturday. 4.Wednesday. 5.Desk. 6.Uniform. 7.Pencil. 8.Art. 9.Classroom. 10.Friday. 11.Timetable.

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