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Charter Review Recommendations - 1 Presentation Title Subtitle (optional) Date Vancouver City Council Workshop/Public Hearing Staff, Title Charter Review.

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1 Charter Review Recommendations - 1 Presentation Title Subtitle (optional) Date Vancouver City Council Workshop/Public Hearing Staff, Title Charter Review Recommendations June 16, 2014 City Council Workshop Jeanette (Jan) Bader Program & Policy Development Manager Bronson Potter, Chief Assistant City Attorney Esther Schrader, Charter Review Committee

2 Charter Review Recommendations - 2 Charter Review Process Review of Charter Recommendations to Council Review of Other Issues Next Steps Presentation Overview

3 Charter Review Recommendations - 3 Serves as the “constitution” for City government Approved by voters in 1952 Amendments can be proposed by City Council or through citizen petition Last amended November 3, 2009 Charter is required to be reviewed every 5 years City Charter

4 Charter Review Recommendations - 4 Charter requires committee of 15 residents Committee’s role is to “review and recommend” to Council any charter change or amendments (Section 11.17) Current members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council on December 9, 2013 Charter Review Committee

5 Charter Review Recommendations - 5 Committee held 7 meetings between January 23 & May 1 Meetings taped by CVTV Public invited to submit suggestions for review and to comment on recommendations Charter Review Committee

6 Charter Review Recommendations - 6 Mid-Term Run for Mayor/Council A Councilmember running for Mayor or Council at mid- term would: Give notice of intent 30 days prior to filing deadline Be required to resign their seat at the end of the year Charter Recommendations

7 Charter Review Recommendations - 7 Updating Access to Ordinances Language Requires ordinances be posted on the City’s website Provides copies of ordinance as indicated in notice of hearing (via mail or e-mail) Removes the provision for a full reading of ordinance upon request Charter Recommendations

8 Charter Review Recommendations - 8 Update Anti-Discrimination Language Current language is from 1952 Current language is superseded by state law New language would be consistent with state and federal law Charter Recommendations

9 Charter Review Recommendations - 9 Boards & Commissions Add a section outlining: Importance of Boards/Commissions How they are established How appointments are handled How they can be dissolved Charter Recommendations

10 Charter Review Recommendations - 10 Initiative Petitions Clarifying/defining timelines for steps in the process Requiring City Attorney to provide an opinion as to whether the proposed initiative is within the legally permissible scope Remove offering the option of gathering additional signatures once the petition has been certified to have insufficient signatures These three issues may need to go as separate ballot measures. Charter Recommendations

11 Charter Review Recommendations - 11 Full vs. part-time mayor Strong mayor vs. city manager form of gov’t Electing councilmembers by ward/district Standing Charter Review Committee Allowing Charter Review Committee to place items directly on the ballot Variety of administrative clean-up/changes Other Issues Reviewed

12 Charter Review Recommendations - 12 Adding two, non-voting student positions to Council Develop a brochure of FAQ’s on initiatives and referendums Provide a legal opinion regarding two-year residency requirement to run for Council clarifying when that period begins Policy prohibiting post City employment with firms doing business with the City Policies and procedures to offset the impact of economic discrimination Policy of placing future charter changes on the ballot during years when there are councilmember elections Items for Further Consideration

13 Charter Review Recommendations - 13 Possible Council Action Place issue on ballot for binding vote Place issue on ballot as advisory vote* Decide not to put issue on the ballot Advisory Vote* If an advisory vote passes, Council can choose to: Put the issue on next general election ballot Take no action Council Action

14 Charter Review Recommendations - 14 Citizen Action If Council decides not to place an issue on the ballot, citizens have the option of an initiative petition. Citizen Action

15 Charter Review Recommendations - 15 Charter for Clark County will be on the November 2014 ballot Committee recommends Council consider delaying vote on City Charter changes until November 2015 to avoid confusion Timing Recommendation

16 Charter Review Recommendations - 16 7/7/14Public Hearing on Proposed Charter Changes 8/5/14County Auditor’s Office notified of proposed ballot measure(s) 8/15/14Voter’s Pamphlet material due to Auditor’s Office 11/4/14General Election Process & Timeline

17 Charter Review Recommendations - 17 Jeanette (Jan) Bader (360) 487-8606 Bronson Potter (360) 487-8521 Questions and Discussion To request other formats, please contact: City Manager’s Office (360) 487-8600 | WA Relay: 711

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