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IT Websites What you’re expected to know…. Websites to be covered

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1 IT Websites What you’re expected to know…

2 Websites to be covered


4 IThink (continued) This webpage allows students to view their class schedule If they click on a class, it will display the course title, professor, location and time for the class. It will also display any URLs that the instructor has made available.

5 IThink (continued)

6 IThink provides instructors a way to email their entire class. This uses all the student’s OU email addresses. Instructors can also view their class roster. This roster includes the student’s ID pictures which helps the faculty put faces with names. – Pictures are updated weekly and will only display if the student has taken a picture with the OneCard office

7 Online Payment System (

8 Pay (continued) Students can add a parent login. IT does not administer parent logins. Only students have the ability to set up parental logins or passwords. This web page gives students/parents the ability to view and pay their Bursar balance online with a credit card.

9 Pay (continued) Reasons parents cannot use the online pay method 1. Students and parents are not entering the same email addresses or passwords. – >90% of the problem the Bursar has seen so far. 2. More than 50 people are logged in at the same time. 3. The student has an inactive account (i.e. graduated, dropped out, etc.). 4. The student's account is under legal litigation (faulted on payments, etc.).

10 This is the homepage for IT Everyone should be familiar with it’s layout and the links on the page.


12 StudentServices (continued) This website allows students the ability to view – Their schedule for the current and past semester – Their grades for past semesters – A printable copy of an unofficial transcript


14 Alerts (continued) This website contains information regarding all the current outages and alerts for Information Technology here at OU. It is updated regularly by the IT Operations Center


16 Support (continued) This is the website that all our customers should be using to find specific information regarding OU IT services and products. Our online knowledge base is located here Customers are also able to create trouble tickets and send them to IT

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