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Administration & Finance Summer 2008 Training Departments Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel Procard Financial Services Employee Relations & Development.

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1 Administration & Finance Summer 2008 Training Departments Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel Procard Financial Services Employee Relations & Development Employment Services 9/18/2015

2 Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel Policy & Procedures A. Hiring a Current or Former UCO Employee for Contractual Services: 1. Who is considered a UCO Employee? Anyone currently on UCO payroll, i.e. faculty, staff, and students. Or any former full-time Faculty or Staff employee, on UCO's payroll within the last 12 months. (This statement does not apply to former student employees) 2. What Documents Are Required? Request for Authorization to Pay Form (Submit Request to UCO Payroll Department, Lillard Admin. Bldg. Room 208, Campus Box 181.)Request for Authorization to Pay Form Scope of Work (not a required form, but highly recommended)Scope of Work Contractual Service Agreements & Payments

3 B. If You Have A Need For Non-Professional Contractual Services for Campus Events, i.e. Athletic Sporting Events, Wellness Center Endeavor Games, Campus Life, etc. or Temporary Office Help: 1. You Are Required to Use Talent Tree (a temporary employment agency contracted with UCO, Contract 2007Q127). 2. UCO already has a pool of individuals, i.e. students, former staff and faculty, and current staff and faculty who have signed up to work through Talent Tree, for UCO Events. 3. Find Talent Tree Contact information and Instructions on our webpage under; Policies/Contract Services or click on the link;Policies/Contract Services Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel

4 C. A Need to Contract the Services of a Professional Individual or a Person With Specialized Services that is not a UCO Employee: 1.Establish and Formalize a Signed Contract Agreement Fill out contract agreement, have the "Contractor", (individual performing the services), sign the agreement. This is the only signature you are required to obtain. Standard Contract Agreements: P/PSA or MOUStandard Contract Agreements: P/PSA or MOU 2.Encumber Funds Submit contract agreement with an online requisition to the Purchasing & Payment Services Dept. 3.Services Begin – With a signed contract agreement and purchase order, services can begin. 4. Contractor is Paid – Once services have been performed in accordance with contract agreement, contractor can submit a signed OSF form 3 or invoice to request payment. Upon receipt of one of the two documents payment will be processed and mailed in 7 to 10 days.

5 Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel HB 1804, Compliance with the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007 Pursuant to 25 O.S. 1313, effective 7/1/08, all individuals, contractors, subcontractors or vendors are prohibited by State law from entering into a contract with a public employer for the performance of services within the state of Oklahoma unless registered and participating in the Status Verification System to verify information of all new employees. By Denise Smith

6 Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel To prepare for the 7/1/08 HB 1804 enforcement, UCO documents had the necessary language added. These updated documents include: Solicitations – RFP, ITB Professional/Personal Service Agreement (P/PSA) Memo of Understanding (MOU) Purchasing & Payment Services – UCO Terms & Conditions By Denise Smith

7 Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel By Denise Smith

8 Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel Obey the LAW The University of Central Oklahoma must be in compliance with State law to maintain our purchasing rights. In following UCO Policy, RUSO Policy and State law, Title 74, it is common knowledge that purchases cannot be made without monies encumbered and a purchase order issued. UCO Campus Customers and Departments should understand that now with HB 1804, all services obtained without a purchase order and without the proper documentation not only disregard UCO Policy, RUSO Policy and State law, but also will be noncompliant with Federal and State Immigration Laws. Noncompliance with Federal Immigration laws carries a penalty of fines and prison. A letter of justification will not support this noncompliance on part of UCO. By Denise Smith

9 Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel Increased Vendor Shipping Costs Due to the continuing rise in fuel costs, many vendors have sent letters notifying UCO of their increased shipping costs. We encourage you to seek a written quote. Ask for the shipping costs to be noted on the quote. By Denise Smith

10 Purchasing, Payment Services & Travel Travel 1.Mileage Rate Increases – The Internal Revenue Service has announced an increase in the mileage reimbursement rate to $0.585 per mile, effective July 1, 2008. This is an increase from the $0.505 rate for the first half of the year. (See Internal Revenue Bulletin IR-2008-82, June 23, 2008, amending Internal Revenue Procedures 2007-70). The new rate is for travel incurred on and after July 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008. 2.Luggage fees - If there is a charge for the first bag, it would be a covered reimbursement under “Itemized Miscellaneous Costs” account code – 72125 for out-of-state trips. A receipt for such charge is required for reimbursement. For any additional baggage charges, it will depend on whether or not the traveler can properly justify and document the business need for the additional bag(s), i.e., extended stay requiring additional clothing, excessive business materials being carried, etc. If so, reimbursement would be considered appropriate. A receipt for such charge is required for reimbursement. If unjustified and is just that the person likes to take a lot of personal things, it would not be acceptable for reimbursement. 3.How to Travel on University Business – Check List In-State Travel Out-of-State TravelIn-State TravelOut-of-State Travel 4. Overview of Travel WebpageOverview of Travel Webpage

11 Procard 1.Reviews Update – reminders from common review findings 2.Fraudulent e-mails 3.Payment Net online access 4.OfficeMax logo 1.Statement Routing and Expense Posting Timelines 2.Transaction Expense Coding and Org Transfers Procard Administration Procard Finance

12 Financial Services Administrative Portal Organization Accounts Financial Managers Forms Other

13 Employee Relations & Development ER&D Overview IPP Character First Program EAP Program NET Program Request for Departmental Training

14 Employment Services E-Verify System – HB-1804 Employee Verification System Question & Answers Hiring Staffing IPP’s

15 Administration & Finance Departments Contact Information Purchasing, Payment Services & TravelExt. 3340 Procard – Administrative ServicesExt. 2497 Procard – Financial Services Ext. 2598 Financial Services - AccountingExt. 2598 Employee Relations & DevelopmentExt. 2668 Employment ServicesExt. 2366

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