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2 Branding 1. Brand Name Definition: A word or group of words that a business uses to distinguish its competitors’ products

3 Branding The Brand Name is the most important part of a product’s or company’s image because it is how the company is identified Brand names should be distinctive and stand out

4 3 Types of Brands: 1. Some brand names say something about the product: i.      Ivory Soap (says the soap is pure and white) ii.      Taster’s Choice (signifies quality) iii.      Drano (indicates the product is for drains)

5 3 Types of Brands: 2. Some brand names are associated with real or imaginary people i.      Laura Secord ii.      Miss Vicki iii.      Mrs. Fields iv.      Aunt Jemima

6 3 Types of Brands: 3. Some brand names say nothing about the product at all i.Peter Pan Peanut Butter ii. Lever 2000

7 Branding Keep in mind the following tips… Short and simple
Easy to spell and read Easy to recognize and remember Distinctive Easy to pronounce Can be pronounced in all languages (for international markets) Adaptable to packaging and labeling needs Not offensive, obscene or negative Timeless Legally available for use

8 A Logo Definition: A special symbol that is associated with the product

9 3 Forms of Logos: 1. Monogram: a stylized writing of the company’s initials a.      IBM b.     KFC 2. Visual Symbols: drawings of people, animals, or things a.      Tony the Tiger b.     Toucan Sam

10 3 Forms of Logos 3. Abstract symbols: shapes that are not representative of actual things Nike Swoosh

11 A Logo Keep in mind the following tips… Simple is often better
Be clear and functional Use colours and structure to communicate your message Try to illustrate a company benefit, feature or characteristic Avoid ‘trendy’ looks Be unique

12 A Slogan Definition: A short, catchy phrase that is often attached to the company’s name and logo

13 5 Types of Slogans Play on Words Blue Jay Fever: Catch It!
2. Explanation of what the product does Nyquil: I need a ‘sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head fever so-you-can-rest’ medicine

14 5 Types of Slogans 3. Description of the product
Duracell: The copper-top battery 4. Benefit of the product Ivory Soap: 99 and 44/100 percent pure 5. Something about the company Dofasco: Our product is steel, our strength is people


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