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The Global Fund- structure, function and evolution February 18, 2008.

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1 The Global Fund- structure, function and evolution February 18, 2008

2 Simplifying the Global Fund BG/290607/4

3 What is the Global Fund What has it achieved together with countries Architecture - How does it work The Global Fund process from proposal development to implementation

4 The Global Fund is an independent public-private partnership mandated: - To raise and to disburse substantial new resources - To operate transparently and accountably - To achieve sustained impact on HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria What is the Global Fund? BG/111006/1

5 Guiding Principles 1.Operate as a financial instrument, not an implementing entity 2.Make available and leverage additional financial resources 3.Support programs that reflect national ownership 4.Operate in a balanced manner in terms of different regions, diseases and interventions 5.Pursue an integrated and balanced approach to prevention and treatment 6.Evaluate proposals through independent review processes 7.Establish a simplified, rapid and innovative grant-making process and operate transparently, with accountability BG/290607/2

6 A new way of doing business Supports programs that evolve from national plans to fill critical gaps at country level Recognizes only a country driven, coordinated approach for proposal development and implementation Its core function remains that of financing, disbursing and managing new funds Relies on its partnerships with other development and technical partners, civil society and the private sector to support countries in delivering effective programs and services to communities in need

7 Countries with Global Fund Grants BG/261107/6

8 Global Fund Achievements $8.1 billion committed to the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria $5.1 billion disbursed to date 60% of these funds are channeled to low-income countries and committed to Africa The Global Fund has approx 300 staff and is supporting more than 500 programs in approx 133 countries

9 Disease Components Distribution Rounds 1-7, (December 2007) Global Fund Resources by Disease Component 100% = $9.98 billion USD Percentages of total funds approved by the Board, including Phase 2 OP/071207/3

10 Results in 2007 – rapid stage of scale up Intervention Results 2007 % increase over year HIV: People on ARV treatment 1,400,000 88% TB: People treated under DOTS 3,300,000 65% Malaria: Insecticide-treated nets distributed 46,000,000 155% Exceptional challenges: 20-40% of international targets

11 Key Structures of the Global Fund The Board Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) Technical Review Panel Secretariat of the Global Fund

12 Partnership - The Board Donors (7) Recipients (7) Private sector Foundations NGOs North NGOs South Communities living with the diseases WHO UNAIDS World Bank Civil Society Technical Partners Private Sector Public Governments

13 CCM Academic Faith-based NGOs/CBOs Government Media Multi/bilateral partners Affected communities Global Fund Country Governance (Country Coordinating Mechanisms) Private Sector

14 Role of the CCM Coordinate national proposal submission for grant funding Ensure linkages of Global Fund assistance with development partners and initiatives Ensure clear strategies that meet the needs of most affected & marginalised people. Consultation with constituents while providing transparency to the general public

15 The Process Used by the Global Fund Global Fund calls for proposals (March 1 st ) CCM collaborates to prepare proposals CCM submits proposals to the Global Fund and recommends principal recipients Secretariat screens the proposals for elegibility Technical review panel reviews proposals and submits to the Global Fund Board for approval

16 The Process Used by the Global Fund Global Fund appoints a Local Fund Agent (LFA) LFA assesses capacity of principal recipients (PR) Secretariat negotiates a grant agreement with PR Global Fund signs a two-year grant agreement Disbursements are made to PR on the basis of performance in a form of progress updates PR may disburse to sub-recipients as implementers

17 Who Implements Global Fund Grants? OP/290607/5 Estimates from Rounds 2-6 proposals 100% = $4,1 billion USD

18 The Global Fund’s model for grant accountability Sustainability/ Ownership AccountabilitySpeed Rely on local stakeholders at the country level to implement programs and manage grant proceeds As far as possible encourage the use of existing standards and processes Monitor and evaluate programs and make decisions on future funding based on performance and accountability Promote rapid release of funds to assist target populations

19 Thank you!

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