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Possessive Nouns.

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1 Possessive Nouns

2 Example: The paintbrush that belonged to the artist was lost.
Words that show ownership are called possessive nouns. A noun is possessive if a phrase can be changed to say that an item or idea belongs to someone else. Example: The paintbrush that belonged to the artist was lost. The artist’s paintbrush was lost.

3 Noun Possessive Pam Pam’s cat cat the cat’s tail Sam Sam’s knee
Possessive nouns are used to show that someone owns something. An apostrophe (') is used to show the ownership.

4 Rule To show the possessive of singular nouns add 's. Examples:  Fluffy Fluffy’s tail Sally Sally’s recipe the man the man’s hat the teacher the teacher’s pencil

5 The possessive form can also show an feature or characteristic.
Examples:  river river’s edge train train’s wheels sun sun’s heat

6 Activities Activity 2 (Singular Possessives) Singular Possessive Nouns

7 Possessive Nouns Rules 1-2
To show possession of singular nouns add 's.   To show possession of plural nouns ending in s add an apostrophe ('). Examples: runners => runners' shoes cows => cows' meal trees => trees' apples  

8 Possessive Nouns Rule 3 To show possession of plural nouns NOT ending in s add an apostrophe and a s (‘s). teeth => teeth’s fillings children => children’s food

9 Plural Possessives If the plural ends in s just add an apostrophe. If the plural does not end in s add an apostrophe and an s. 1 person 1 item 2 people 2 items the boy’s jacket the boys’ jackets my parent’s car my parents’ cars my boss’s hat my bosses’ hats the woman’s dress the women’s dresses the child’s toy the children’s toys the passerby’s glance the passersby’s glances

10 the kid’s bike (I kid, 1 bike)
the kids’ bike (2 kids, 1 bike) the kids’ bikes (2 kids, 2 bikes)

11 Activities Possessive Noun Play (Two Player Tic Tac Toe) Possessive Nouns (Type in the possessive word) Quiz Exploring for Possessives

12 Activities Possessives (Slideshow with activities) Skill Builder (Type in the possessive word) Grammar Gold Quiz

13 SmartBoard Activity Apostrophes in Possessive Nouns.notebook

14 United Streaming Students learn about nouns, as well as the history, language, and culture of ancient Egypt when they follow the fast-paced adventures of a "pentastic" foursome to Egypt after a stopover at Graceland. Seemingly ordinary writing implements named Florentina, Arturo, Buzz, and Penny come to life and try to stop a smelly Dark Marker from taking over the world by solving clues based on good grammar.

15 Brain Pop

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