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Connecting with BGS through Social Media Support for this Webinar Provided By: Beta Gamma Sigma Webinar Series.

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1 Connecting with BGS through Social Media Support for this Webinar Provided By: Beta Gamma Sigma Webinar Series

2 Social Media Overview What is Social Media? A broad term for online communications that encourage social interaction between the author and audience. Examples: Blogs, wikis, podcasts, web forums Social networking sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter Photo and video sharing sites: Flickr, YouTube

3 BGS Online Communities

4 LinkedIn LinkedIn is a site intended for online professional networking Variety of features, such as a job board, company information and groups Allows users to create communities around shared interests and affiliations – like being a member of Beta Gamma Sigma

5 LinkedIn Beta Gamma Sigma - The International Honor Society Recognizing Business Excellence The Official Beta Gamma Sigma LinkedIn Group This group is the largest of Beta Gamma Sigmas online communities with more than 17,000 members. It is a closed group – your BGS membership must be verified with the Society to gain complete access to the group.

6 Facebook Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook is positioned as a more social networking site Users typically choose to connect with their real life friends, family and acquaintances Several community building features including Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook Groups

7 Facebook Facebook Fan Pages Relatively new community feature All Facebook Fan Pages are public to users so no membership verification is needed. BGS Fan Page More than 1600 Fans

8 Facebook Facebook Groups Groups can be created for anything – activities, shared interests, etc. Beta Gamma Sigma encourages its student members to join the official BGS Facebook Group, Beta Gamma Sigma Current Student Members to network exclusively with their collegiate BGS peers This is a closed-group. Student members must have their membership verified by the group administrators to join

9 Twitter Allows users to send short messages 140 characters or less in length in real-time via the web or cell phone text message Messages you send are called tweets and can be viewed by followers More informal than Facebook or LinkedIn Useful for keeping audiences informed and engaged.

10 Twitter BGS Twitter Feeds BGSHonorSociety Over 650 people following Beta Gamma Sigmas tweets. All members and potential members encouraged to follow this account BGSChapAdvisors Exclusive Twitter account for BGS chapter advisors and officers

11 Interacting with BGS LinkedIn The Beta Gamma Sigma LinkedIn group is a great way to connect with fellow members and the Society Allows both members and BGS staff to start discussion topics, announce news, and post-job openings Promote Beta Gamma Sigmas official LinkedIn group to potential and current members of your chapter

12 Interacting with BGS Facebook Fan Page Encourages fans to post discussions, comments and share their BGS photos and experiences To become a fan of BGS, visit Note: you must be a Facebook user and logged-in to the site to have complete access to the group.

13 Interacting with BGS Facebook Current Student Group Member utilize the forum to network and discuss the topics that are relevant to them, such as finding a job or applying to graduate schools Be sure to communicate the Facebook BGS student group to potential members and recent inductees To locate the group within Facebook, please instruct members to log-in to site and type Beta Gamma Sigma Current Student Members

14 Interacting with BGS BGS Twitter Feed Via the BGSHonorSociety Twitter account, members can view quick updates on whats going on at BGS and the world of business Also a great way to interact with the Society in real-time Instruct members to visit our profile page and click the follow button to begin receiving the Societys tweets Note: one must be a user of the Twitter before they can follow Beta Gamma Sigma

15 Interacting with BGS BGSChapAdvisors The feed is a way for the Society to communicate short reminders, chapter-only news, information and deadlines Gives the ability to communicate with the Society directly, in real-time To start following BGSChapAdvisors, simply log-in and visit and click send your request Note: if you are not logged in you will not see the send your request button Tweets will be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

16 BGS Chapter Communities Consider creating a social network for your BGS chapter Great way to build a community with both your chapters student members and alumni Help members stay engaged and informed with their local chapter

17 Call or email the Central Office: Phone: 1-314-432-5650 Web: Email: Questions? Seth Treptow: Lauren Scheidemantel:

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