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1 Polymers

2 Polymers are very large molecules made of many smaller repeating units.
‘poly’ – many ‘mer’ – part. Each individual part is called a monomer. Polyethylene – one type of ‘plastic’

3 (Polypropylene, Teflon, synthetic rubbers)
Two main Polymerization reactions: 1. Addition polymers: 1 type of monomer units added together to form a long chain polymer. Monomer is usually an alkene. (Polypropylene, Teflon, synthetic rubbers) Usually requires an initiator – to kick start the reaction (disrupts double bonds).

4 (nylon, polyurethane, and Dacron)
2. Condensation polymers : reactions with two or more different monomers. (nylon, polyurethane, and Dacron)


6 Large molecules with repeating units monomers.
Addition polymers - monomers unit adds together. Polymerization requires an initiator. Condensation polymers - two or more different monomers that results in the formation small molecules like water and ammonia.

7 GO TO: Macrogalleria of Polymer Fun
Go to level 1 Go to three or four stores List 7 different polymers (skip duplicates) Follow the links for each polymer (level 2) Draw polymer and name (draw) monomers List the uses of each polymers


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