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Line An Element of Design

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1 Line An Element of Design
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2 Descriptive Line Lines created with a variety of tools that help us understand what we are looking at; can be outlines, contour lines, single lines or hatching. Outline Lines with little variation that describe the outer edges of shapes which appear flat. Most basic type of descriptive line. Contour Line Lines that define the outer edges of forms and surfaces. Unlike outlines, they vary in darkness and thickness. Hatching Shading using closely spaced, parallel lines used to suggest light and shadow. Crosshatching Shading created by crossed parallel lines.

3 Implied Lines Lines that are indicated indirectly in artworks at edges where two shapes meet, where a form ends and the space around it begins, or by positioning several objects or figures in a row. Edge Where one shape ends and another begins, resulting in implied lines. Closure The tendency to complete partial forms or shapes by seeing lines that do not exist. Lines of Sight Implied lines suggest by the direction in which figures in a picture are looking, or from the observer’s eye to the object being looked at.

4 Can you find four lines of sight in the artwork?

5 Expressive Line Lines that are produced to express an idea, mood, or quality (e.g. graceful, nervous, delicate, aggressive, etc.)

6 Abstract Line Lines found in very abstract and nonobjective artworks which do not describe anything. They are meant to be seen only as line.

7 Wire Sculpture

8 Alexander Calder Calder was an American sculptor and artist most famous for inventing the mobile. In addition to mobile sculpture, Alexander Calder also created paintings, toys, wire sculptures, and designed carpets.

9 Here are some examples of his work.
Goldfish Bowl Caracas

10 Spider Portrait of Miro

11 Calder in his studio

12 Art Work Sites

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