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ROMARE BEARDEN The Master of Collage 1911-1988 Charlotte, NC.

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1 ROMARE BEARDEN The Master of Collage 1911-1988 Charlotte, NC

2 COLLAGE- a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric onto a backing. - Graduated from NYU with a graduate degree in Education - Took courses in art, lead cartoonist, art editor & director of monthly magazines - Costume & set designer for a dance company - Studied Art History and Philosophy in Paris Visual Jazz

3 Art & Music

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7 1930s-1960s Bearden was a social worker with the New York City Department of Social Services, working on his art at night and on weekends. -First solo show in Washington D.C. in 1944 -Exhibited in U.S. and Europe - Early work focused on unity and cooperation within the African American community.

8 His artworks are memories from his past in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Pittsburgh and Harlem and show a variety historical, literary and musical sources. He was strongly influenced by a movement called the Harlem Renaissance that took place in the 1920s. It was a time when African-American musicians, writers, and artists flourished in Harlem.

9 In the early 1970s, he and his wife made a second home on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, his wife's ancestral home, and some of his later work reflected the island's lush landscapes.

10 - Bearden was also a respected writer and an eloquent spokesman on artistic and social issues of the day. - Lifelong supporter of young, emerging artists, created the Bearden Foundation to support young or emerging artists and scholars. Artists & Harlem Renaissance

11 He experimented with many different mediums and artistic styles, but is best known for his richly textured collages.



14 modern collage Derek Gores

15 Romare Bearden died in New York City on March 12, 1988 due to complications from bone cancer. Charlotte at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Main Library (310 N. Tryon Street), just inside the doors is one of the strongest mosaic treasures in the region - "Before Dawn"

16 Romare Bearden Park




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