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Office of Strategic Planning ANNUAL ACTION PLAN: ONE YEAR USE OF FUNDS PROGRAM YEAR 2008-2009 November 19, 2007 Northwest Community Center 155 Lawn Ave.

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1 Office of Strategic Planning ANNUAL ACTION PLAN: ONE YEAR USE OF FUNDS PROGRAM YEAR 2008-2009 November 19, 2007 Northwest Community Center 155 Lawn Ave. Making Communities Livable Growing Our Economic Base Supporting Public Services Byron W. Brown, Mayor

2 Office of Strategic Planning Executive Summary The Consolidated Plan for the City of Buffalo, prepared by the Office of Strategic Planning, is a prerequisite for the City's annual funding from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for four Federal entitlement programs: Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME), Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA) and the Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG). The annual funding of the City’s priority project areas will be described in the Annual Action Plan. Each program or project funded will address one of the City's most critical needs in economic development, neighborhood revitalization, housing development, public facilities, and public services for low and moderate income families and homelessness.

3 Office of Strategic Planning FUNDING SOURCES

4 Office of Strategic Planning PUBLIC PARTICIPATION Community Meetings Citizen Input per Public Comments Community Planning Council

5 Office of Strategic Planning NEEDS Crime Prevention Improve Housing Infrastructure (sidewalks, streets, lighting) Blighted Properties/Demolition Jobs – Economic Development Enhanced Youth Programs Homeownership Assistance Business Development Enhanced Senior Programs

6 Office of Strategic Planning Livable Communities One of the City’s major goals outlined in the Comprehensive Plan is to achieve vibrant living environments. This will be partially accomplished through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Program Year 34 projects and activities. Infrastructure improvements will be made in targeted low and moderate-income neighborhoods and revitalization communities.

7 Office of Strategic Planning Livable Communities Revitalization of deteriorating neighborhoods will be accomplished through acquisition, demolition and clearance. Wherever possible, existing housing stock will be preserved through rehabilitation and energy conservation, to maintain a high level of quality housing for low and moderate income residents.

8 Office of Strategic Planning Mid City Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area The Dept. of HUD encourages cities to develop comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategies to provide for the economic empowerment of the low- and moderate income residents of a particular neighborhood. In May 2007, the City of Buffalo received approval from HUD for the designation of the Mid City NRSA. The Strategy seeks to create opportunities for additional employment, improved housing stock, and to provide necessary human services for the residents of the NRSA. The NRSA program provides the City with incentives to stimulate development in the areas of job creation and retention, housing, economic development, and public services.

9 Office of Strategic Planning Economic Development CDBG supported activities will include educational and employment training, job creation and retention activities for low and moderate-income people. CDBG will also include business development activities that support neighborhood commercial revitalization activities including an enhanced, comprehensive façade program as well as enhanced support to small and minority based businesses.

10 Office of Strategic Planning Public Services A third major goal is to support public services that improve the health, welfare and safety of residents, especially youth, the elderly, frail elderly, the homeless, persons with special needs and other vulnerable populations. CDBG, HOME, ESG, and HOPWA funds will support activities that provide senior services; healthcare services; housing services to support affordable housing opportunities for first-time homebuyers and prevent homelessness; transportation; children and youth services; employment training services; crime prevention; and services to persons with disabilities.

11 Office of Strategic Planning TARGETED EFFORTS Livable Communities Initiative Mid City NRSA Mayor’s “5 in 5” Demolition Plan Neighborhoods of Choice – Hamlin Park Schools Renovation Projects Combination with Capital Budgeting Process

12 Office of Strategic Planning CDBG Acquisition & Disposition5% Public Facilities 5% Clearance6% Economic Development 13% Public Services 15% Housing 21% HUD Repayment 17% Planning & Administration 18% Estimated $16,510,228 Allocation

13 Office of Strategic Planning HOME Rental Housing Rehab. & Dev. 25% Homeowner Rehabilitation 25% Homebuyer Activities 20% CHDO Set Aside Activities 15% CHDO Operating Cost Assist. 5% Planning & Administration 10% Estimated $4,728,820 Allocation

14 Office of Strategic Planning ESG Emergency Shelter27% Transitional Housing29% Outreach Services17% Prevention22% Administration 5% Estimated $713,642 Allocation

15 Office of Strategic Planning HOPWA Tenant Based Rental Assistance55% Short Term Rent, Utilities, Mortgage Assistance19% Support Services19% Planning & Administration 7% Estimated $480,000 Allocation

16 Office of Strategic Planning Measurable Results Number of homes rehabbed, demolished, homeownership opportunities provided Number and type of jobs created/retained Number of small businesses assisted and type of assistance provided Number of clients served and type of assistance provided.

17 Office of Strategic Planning Success Based on our ability to stick to the game plan and remain focused on our priorities Leadership remaining committed to supporting the goals of the comprehensive plan…fix the basics, build on the assets Promoting Smart Growth by providing healthy livable communities and a strong economic base.

18 Office of Strategic Planning Thank You Strengthening our Communities through strategic, prioritized investment. Citizens wishing to submit written comments on tonight’s public hearing may do so by sending to: Attn: Lynn Urbanski Office of Strategic Planning 315 City Hall Buffalo, NY 14202 or by e-mail to:

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