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Focus on Impact CNCS Performance Measurement Framework.

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1 Focus on Impact CNCS Performance Measurement Framework

2 Performance Measurement & the CNCS Strategic Plan CNCS Performance Measurement Framework – Agency-wide measures – Grantee measures – Performance measurement cycle Overview

3 Objectives are not fate; they are direction. They are not commands; they are commitments. They do not determine the future; they are means to mobilize the resources and energies of the business for the making of the future. – Peter Drucker Superhuman effort isn't worth a damn unless it achieves results. – Ernest Shackleton Measuring Performance is Good Management

4 Government Performance & Results Act (GPRA) Modernization provides new guidance on: – Agency strategic plans – Annual plans Government Accountability Office Best Practices – Link performance measures with strategic goals and programs – Use performance measures to monitor progress Measuring Performance is a Government-Wide Priority

5 1.What is the unique value of service to the nation? 2.How do we know if CNCS is delivering on its value proposition? 3.Why, where and in what circumstances is CNCS delivering? CNCS Performance Imperative

6 Provides a roadmap for the execution of the SAA Aligns all programs to address issues of national priority Enable CNCS to become a performance-driven agency Identifies opportunities for strategic partnerships and collaborations CNCS Strategic Plan: A Foundation for Performance

7 CNCS Theory of Change Passionate, talented people Community Organizations Private & public funding Enduring capacity to solve problems

8 1.Increase the impact of national service on community needs 2.Strengthen national service so that participants engaged in CNCS-supported programs consistently find satisfaction, meaning and opportunity 3.Maximize the value we add to grantees, partners and participants 4.Fortify management operations and sustain a capable, responsive and accountable organization CNCS Strategic Plan: Goals

9 Agency-wide Priority Measures from the Strategic Plan Focusing Criteria: - SMART - Provide useful information - Align with investments & past success - Tell a compelling story Focused Set of Agency-wide Priority Measures

10 Environmental Stewardship Agency-wide Priority Measures from Strategic Plan Number of energy-efficient housing units and community facilities constructed or retrofitted Number of total acres improved Number of individuals reached by outreach campaigns, events, workshops, or similar awareness strategies launched Percent of economically disadvantaged or unemployed individuals that completed formal green job training programs Number of at-risk acres (land and/or water) improved Environmental Stewardship Grantee Measures EN4: Number of acres of national parks, state parks, city parks, county parks, or other public and tribal lands that are improved. EN5: Number of miles of trails or waterways (owned/maintained by national, state, county, city or tribal governments) that are improved and/or created. Focused Agency-wide Priority Measure

11 Overview CNCS Agency-wide Priority Measures ACSNNCCCSIF Sr. CorpsVISTA 1. Number of individuals that receive assistance in disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and/or recovery 2. Percent of people who showed improvement in their housing situation 3. Percent of children that demonstrated gains in school readiness. 4. Percent of students that demonstrated improved academic performance. 5. Percent of students that demonstrated improved academic engagement. 6. Number of at-risk acres improved. 7. Percent of homebound older adults and individuals with disabilities who reported having increased social ties/perceived social support. 8. Number of individuals that gained access to food resources. 9. Number of veterans/military family members assisted. 10. Number of veterans and military family members engaged in service 11. Percent of service participants that report expanded educational, employment or civic opportunities. 12. Percent of organizations that implement stronger evaluations. 13. Number of community volunteers recruited and managed. 14. Complete modernization of IT infrastructure. 15. Ensure that no material internal control or compliance issues are identified in audits. 16. Award and close grants and contracts within prescribed timeframes.

12 Agency-wide Priority Measures/Grantee Measures AmeriCorps State & National NCCC Senior CorpsVISTA Grantee Measures Tier 1: Education, Vet/Mil Fam; Disaster Svcs Tier 2: Econ Opp, Healthy Futures, Env Stewardship Project Measures TBD Grantee Measures TBD Sponsor Measures TBD Program-Specific Measures/Grantee Measures Grantee Measures Tiers 3, 4, 5 NCCC MeasuresSenior Corps MeasuresVISTA Measures

13 Collect DataAnalyze Data Refine Measures Report on Performance Evaluate Programs

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